MISSION STATEMENT: Chapel Haven provides lifelong individualized services for people with developmental and social disabilities, empowering them to live independent and self-determined lives.



What Parents Are Saying About Chapel Haven


“(Our son) has grown exponentially at Chapel Haven in the Asperger’s program…It’s about his outlook, his optimism for the future, his contacts at Southern Connecticut State University and his willingness to step out of his comfort zone (by a lot). These were things that we did not expect to have happen. Our expectation was more or less that he would complete goals, do the program, follow
instructions. But you've allowed much more to be accomplished by his improved self-esteem and ability to take chances knowing there was a safety net in place.”
Margaret, Parent

“Chapel Haven has allowed our daughter to grow into a mature young adult faster than we had ever thought possible. We expected her to be dependent on us the rest of our lives, but we now go a week without a call from her. Being in a community of her peers has allowed her self-esteem to flourish and her leadership traits to emerge. She likes it so much that she wants to live in the “community” after graduation and we now understand why. We think that it would be almost unfair to take her away from the Chapel Haven culture and put her back into our town where she was considered ‘special’.” At Chapel Haven, she’s just one of the gang.”
Ken, Parent

“Chapel Haven is an amazing organization. We have always felt a total commitment both to our child and to the population that the organization serves. If there is an identified need in their population that is not being met, they develop a program to deal with it."
Pamela and Michael, Parents

“On top of an exceptional program, Chapel Haven is blessed with an exceptional group of caring and professional staff members who value and respect each and every student. These staff members have supported our son and been his cheerleaders, advocates, teachers, coaches and mentors. It is these honest and respectful relationships that make all the difference.”
Steve and Marcy, Parents

“Chapel Haven is a Haven. Two years ago when I drove my son to school for two hours, I cried, and asked myself, ‘Am I doing the right thing?’ On the drive home, I cried, thinking ‘Please stay and have it be a good experience.’ Today my son is moving into the community and is very independent. I can't believe he is the same young man! He now has a life! The best decision I ever made!”
Diane, Parent

“The apartments and surrounding areas are clean and well kept. Coordinating teachers seem to really understand my child. The staff rewards the students for jobs well done. I found that there were events scheduled after holidays that made my son's transition back to Chapel Haven, from home a little easier. I like the fact that Chapel Haven is open to new course topics The courses are so pertinent to every day living.”

“Overall, it has been a terrific experience for our child. He is happy, he has made a life for himself - one that we never thought would be possible. There is a community where these students feel they are wanted and to which they belong, and this has been accomplished through the dedication of wonderful staff and a supportive environment, in and around the school. ”

“Great communication between primary teachers and parents. Good attention paid to the emotional needs of the students. Good quality teachers.”

“Chapel Haven is a fabulous program. Staff are thoughtful and understand the needs of the students & community members and appear open to always trying to figure out how to help the students grow.”

“I think everything is done well. I like the individualized approach to program development and the personalized goals that are developed all along the way. Everything is done in a logical, sequential, and developmentally appropriate manner. All of the students feel respected and important - .their opinions are valued and they are treated with respect. This is huge. There is a sense of community and care that is truly impressive.”

“We can't say enough about the wonderful experience that our son has had at Chapel Haven. It is truly an impressive program. There have been upgrades to the facilities that have improved the overall atmosphere. Chapel Haven has been the total package: philosophy, mission, curriculum, and individualized approach to teaching life skills. The staff have been wonderful - highly professional and a wonderful advocate for our son. The REACH supervisor is approachable, responsive, and dedicated. He is a huge asset to the program. We are thankful that there is ongoing support and that there are options beyond REACH that are equally impressive and important. Thanks for all you have done for our child and for the community of disabled adults who truly have a "place" to call their own.”


What Students Are Saying About Chapel Haven


“Through hard work, focusing and not giving up, I have come a long way in the past two years. I am about to graduate and I am handling all my finances independently and taking the bus to many locations including downtown New Haven where I go to lunch with other students. I learned how to take the bus to Stop & Shop, seek help at customer service and get back home independently! I have made good friends here. Now I am graduating with a really nice place to live, support for the coming year, and a spectacular job! Thank you all for believing in me.”
Kelsey, Student

“Thank you for everything. Keep doing what you all do.”

“Chapel Haven did a really good job. Thanks!”

“I like making new friends, having more freedom, getting along with the teacher and having fun.”

“I made a lot of friends and am learning independence easily because the teachers treat me with respect.”





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