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Chapel Haven West's mission, to teach adults with developmental and social disabilities to live independent and productive lives--is just the beginning of the Chapel Haven philosophy, a philosophy that is evident in every aspect of programming and daily living.

We believe in guiding each one of our students toward his/her individual vision for success, and once determined, we support that vision in ways that will make it attainable.

We believe that each person has the right to determine his/her life plan, with the support and guidance of their parents and the Chapel Haven Team, and it is our mission to support that plan in every way we can.

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Chapel Haven, Inc.
Connecticut Campus

1040 Whalley Ave New Haven,
Connecticut 06515
Phone: 203-397-1714 ext. 148
Fax: 203-937-2466

Chapel Haven West - Arizona Campus

1701 N. Park Avenue Tucson,
Arizona 85719
Phone: 1-877-8CH-WEST or 1-877-824-9378

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Who We Are

Chapel Haven, Inc, a private nonprofit agency founded in 1972, dedicated to assisting adults with special challenges to live independent and productive lives

Building on the success of 40 years as a leader in the field of teaching and supporting individuals with disabilities, Chapel Haven West serves those on the autism spectrum and those with mild developmental disabilities, teaching them to live independent and productive lives.

Social Communicative Competency is at the heart of the two-year Residential Program – a program that teaches Life Skills, Self - Determination, Vocational Readiness, and helps students to succeed in post-secondary education as desired, and enhanced by a unique association with the University of Arizona.

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    "The administrative team and all staff are generous with their time when problem solving, and listening, along with being patient and friendly." - Participating Family

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