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COMMUNITY MEMBER CELEBRATES 30 YEARS AT BROKERAGE NEW HAVEN – When Laura Mintz landed a job at a major brokerage firm 30 years ago, she never expected to have such a lasting career or to rise from Gal Friday to running the mailroom. But that was the Laura of 1980 who arrived at Chapel Haven […]

Tower One/Tower East originally published this story and photo in Towers Times about the good work of two of our students in the REACH and Bridge programs and the wonderful friendship they have developed with Towers volunteer Rubin “Ruby” Kertaineck. Many thanks to Marketing Director Rebecca Goodman-Olshansky for granting us permission to share the story. […]

Competition for weight loss pays off Kim Stack, the energetic personal trainer who helps Chapel Haven students and community members with personal fitness, came up with a clever idea to keep students motivated while she went on maternity leave to have her second child. Share This: