Chapel Haven’s REACH program offers a summer residential program to give young adults (18+) experience in building independence.

Many families have found the REACH summer program an ideal  stepping stone toward independent living for individuals with developmental or autism spectrum disabilities.

Chapel Haven’s REACH program focuses on life skills, functional academics, recreational/social development and early vocational skills. Students accepted into the summer residential program have the chance to live in an on-campus apartment, surrounded by new friends, along with the support and instructional guidance of Residential Life Skills instructors and Special Education teachers.

Students follow a schedule of functional academic classes, where they are learning how to budget money, grocery shop, clean their apartments and cook with their peers in a structured and staff-supported setting. Life skills takes place Sundays through Thursdays with the help of instructors, giving our students a chance to practice what they have learned in an authentic apartment setting.

Recreational activities and social skill-building outings include chaperoned trips to Six Flags theme park, baseball games, barbecues, hikes, shopping, movies and a day at the beach at a Chapel Haven beach cottage on Long Island Sound. Access to amenities at the Chapel Haven campus include a computer lab, digital media lab, ceramics studio, fitness center, basketball court and  many fun activities such as DJ dances and Karaoke Night in Residential Life Skills.

A campus interview, visit and intake materials are required prior to admission. For more information, click here REACH summer flyer 2011 and call us at (203) 397-1714, ext. 148. Or send an email of inquiry to

Chapel Haven, founded in 1972, is a nationally accredited, transitional life skills program and state approved by the CT Dept. of Education.  Summer students often matriculate into our two year residential  program.