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President Michael Storz joined Lauren Amendola of Autism Speaks in announcing the iPad donation to students

Autism Speaks, the world’s leading autism science and advocacy organization, distributed 19 iPads to organizations who serve the needs of adults on the autism spectrum throughout parts of New England, including Chapel Haven.

Thanks to a generous donation from the Celegene Corporation, the New England Chapter of Autism Speaks was able to distribute iPads to organizations dedicated to autistic adults.

Lauren Amendola, Director of Field Development for Connecticut Autism Speaks, visited Chapel Haven on Friday, Jan. 31, to donate the iPads and to tour the campus. Based in New Haven, CT, Chapel Haven is a nationally accredited, private, non-profit school and postsecondary program that teaches adults with autism and other cognitive disabilities to live independent lives. The agency will hold an open house for interested families on Friday, Feb. 28. For info or to register, go to

“With these donated iPads, we are supporting important service providers who are on the frontlines of addressing the underserved adult segment in our autism communities throughout New England,” said Russ Kenn, Executive Director of the New England Chapter. “It is also a tangible way to support adults on the spectrum, and allows our chapter to showcase the gifts inside people with autism, helping them reach their full potential.”

The goal at Autism Speaks is to provide individuals with autism and their families with all the tools they need throughout the lifespan.  Adults living with autism often have difficulty finding information about programs and supports that would allow them to live as independently as possible. Therefore, Autism Speaks’ Adult Services initiatives focus on resources that impact all facets of adult life including employment, housing, community life and post-secondary education.

“We are so grateful to receive the iPads, which fit in well with our evolving use of technology in teaching and learning at Chapel Haven,” said President Michael Storz. “Technology applications can be used in many ways to help adults on the spectrum, from time management to something as simple as hygiene lessons. This contribution helps keep Chapel Haven at the forefront in using these tools.”

With the diversity in needs and programming for adults on the autism spectrum, these donated iPads will serve a variety of uses.  The receiving organizations have reported that they will use them to enhance communication, support job training, and provide virtual support, among other uses. In addition to the these 19 iPads, Autism Speaks recently announced the recipients of New England Chapter grants totaling $25,000 and a national iPad give-away that has helped 800 additional schools, service providers and students on the spectrum; 24 of which were received in Connecticut.  For more information about the New England Chapter of Autism Speaks, please visit or contact the New England Chapter of Autism Speaks at (617) 726-1515 or