Successful internships, jobs, college,  life skills and lasting friendships celebrated at Chapel Haven West graduation

Chapel Haven West Class of 2014

Eight students graduated from Chapel Haven West’s two-year residential program on June 8. The graduation ceremony, held at the Tucson Marriott, was attended by parents, family members, friends and staff. Each student gave a speech and received a graduation certificate from Director Kenneth Hosto and President Michael Storz. All eight graduates are remaining in Tucson.

Graduation day!

“At Chapel Haven West, I learned that if you really put effort into what you do, you will be a success,” Daniel Stafford said. Daniel works at the Home Depot. He hopes to live in Florida or England someday.

“I’m taking Pima Community College classes, working at Home Depot, and living life to the fullest,” Jonah Sabol said. Jonah said he learned how to “keep a conversation going” at Chapel Haven West and that he’s a much better person to talk to.

“I plan on getting my AA at Pima Community College to become a veterinary technician, hopefully in the near future,” Ryan Urban said. Ryan said her greatest accomplishment at Chapel Haven West was volunteering at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

Making friends is a big part of the experience!

“I have plans after I graduate to live out in the community and keep working at my job at the Home Depot,” Brandon Kane said. Brandon is a champion weightlifter. He broke four state records this year by deadlifting 407 lbs.

“Thanks to this program I’ll be living on my own. I am able to ride the bus to pretty much anywhere in Tucson, and I’ve learned to budget my money,” Thomas Greenberger said. Thomas volunteers at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona and is seeking paid employment.

Avery Blatt said at Chapel Haven West, she learned “how to effectively communicate with my peers and others such as my coworkers and supervisors.” Avery is participating in the Bridge program next year and is working toward paid employment.

“I’ve learned to be the boss of my voice and body,” Josh DeVries said. “I’ve also learned how to clean my apartment.” Josh DeVries is working at the Home Depot and is participating in the Bridge program.

“During these two years I have learned many things,” Aviva Sen said. “One thing I have learned is how to keep a conversation going.” Aviva is also participating in the Bridge program next year and is working toward paid employment.