Lauren interns at two local organizations and is doing a super job!

Chapel Haven West second-year student Lauren Damuth has been recognized as Intern of the Week for her solid performance.

Lauren has two internships through CHW’s work study program- as a teacher’s assistant in a preschool, and one as an intern with the Arizona Theater Company.

Lauren enjoys interning in a pre-school class at Tucson’s Outer Limits School, where she helps teachers write and deliver lesson plans; reads (and performs!) books for the children; coordinates the logistics of the day; and engages in play activities with her class. To build her skills in this area, Lauren has sought out additional training offered through the Arizona Early Childhood Workforce.

She also works twice per week at Arizona Theater Company, where she works closely with the education and administration departments and assists with projects ranging from clerical work and performance preparation, to greeting and assisting patrons before shows. Lauren has demonstrated consistent effort, motivation, and growth. Her positive attitude and kind demeanor have been noticed and appreciated by all who work with her. Recently, the theater company ran a story on their social media. You can read that story here: