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The 2018 Biggest Losers are Tim Cenabre, left, and Keith Atkins.

Chapel Haven Trainer Kim Stack for the second consecutive year challenged the Chapel Haven community to win the coveted title of the “Biggest Loser.”

Starting with the New Year, Kim gave Chapel Haven staff and adults five months to work on getting fit and trimming pounds and the response was amazing. Forty-seven people signed up, paying $5 each and resolving to exercise and eat better. Participants were asked to stop into the Fitness Center to get weighed weekly. Total poundage lost was 129.6 pounds!

And the results are in!

We are proud to announce that the “Biggest Loser” in the competition is Chapel Haven community member Keith Atkins, who lost at least 25 pounds through a combo of limiting junk food and hitting the treadmill at least twice a week for a rigorous 35-minute workout. Trailing him in 2nd place is Chapel Haven staffer Tim Cenabre, who has Keith as a student in his Kickboxing Class.

Keith shared the formula he followed to trim the weight: “I looked at my eating and my spending habits,” he said. “I tried to stay away from McDonald’s and the pizzerias.” Asked how he feels about winning the top prize of $150 in gift cards, Keith said he is psyched. “This is probably the first contest I’ve ever won.” He is already dreaming about new skiing equipment he can purchase with his winnings!

His advice to people trying to lose weight is this: “McDonald’s is fine once in awhile. Same thing with soda, Bill’s Carousel and pizzerias.” In other words, moderation, people!

Tim, who is known around campus for inspiring fitness, said he took his inspiration from Chapel Haven. “I was inspired daily by everyone in the competition, my running team at Chapel Haven, training for martial arts, hitting the gym and eating healthy every day,” he said. In true Tim fashion, and to continue the spirit of competition, Tim plans to use his gift card reward to buy more cool and fun equipment for the Fitness Center “to encourage everyone to keep losing weight.”

Kim, Chapel Haven’s certified personal trainer (NASM CPT, CES), ran the competition last spring and it was a big success so she brought it back for Year Two. Last year, two competitors rose to the top! Catherine Harris took first place, and Shawn Feldman placed second.

Each participant is weighed in every week in the Chapel Haven gym with Kim and ranked according to the highest percentage of weight lost. Many community members work out regularly in Chapel Haven’s gym, and some work one-to-one with Kim on their weight-loss goals. As an extra motivation, Kim posted the rankings on the gym door each week, so everyone could see where they fell in terms of percentage of weight lost. ASAT Community Member Seth Weissman set up the excel spreadsheet to track the percentages.

Congrats to the “losers” and thanks to Kim for running such an inspiring campaign! Another “Biggest Loser” campaign is planned for January!