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This week, in our Work Place Wednesday feature, we focus on Bethany V., who just graduated from Chapel Haven’s PAVE Program at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

Bethany, part of Chapel Haven’s ASAT program, did her year-long internship in the hospital Specimen Processing Lab, working closely with Supervisor Wendy Gosselin. She gained valuable vocational experience through PAVE and she learned a lot about the world of work! Congrats to Bethany, who shares with us, below, the interview she did with Wendy.

On June, 19 2018, I interviewed Wendy Gosselin who is the Specimen Processing Coordinator at the Specimen Processing Lab at Yale New Haven Hospital and also my supervisor.

The interview was about the PAVE program that I am a part of.  Wendy has been a part of the PAVE program for 6 years.  Wendy says that she first got involved with PAVE when the supervisor asked her if the lab had any positions for PAVE volunteers.  Her favorite part of the PAVE process is teaching people new things and all of their different personalities.

Wendy likes most that not many people know about the lab and what they do.  Wendy would tell a prospective volunteer that if you work hard, you will like the work and you will get a job interview and you will go far.  Wendy’s advice is that the lab is a great way to get into laboratory medicine and you will always have something to do.  In conclusion, I loved working in the specimen processing lab with Wendy this year.

Congrats to Bethany and to all our Class of 2018 PAVE grads!

About PAVE:

Through PAVE, individuals from various Chapel Haven programs independently travel to Yale New Haven Hospital 5 days per week, where they participate in vocationally-oriented classroom instruction and complete a 3.5 hour shift in one of many hospital departments.

Chapel Haven participants spend nine months working side by side with hospital staff, and are held to the same standards expected of any employee. The goal is to help them gain job skills, learn to work as part of a team, understand the rules of a workplace and be better positioned to move into paid employment upon completion of the program.

For more information, contact Kimberly Freeman at (203) 397-1714, ext. 210 or