The Chapel Haven West Community Life Program (CLP) came to the rescue this week after Hope Animal Shelter suffered a devastating storm that collapsed the shelter roof, washed out the road and flooded the building.

Chapel Haven West has volunteered at Hope Animal Shelter for about two years. The students really love it there and the staff at Hope have always been so kind and welcoming to our students, according to Allison Miller, Coordinator of Community Life.

“The students of CLP really wanted to help. The staff at Hope stated they have a lot of volunteers helping to clean and repair the damage, so they were okay in that area. However, since all of their cat trees, toys, beds, etc. were ruined by the flooding they were asking for donations of that variety.,” Allison noted.

The students collected donations from Chapel Haven West staff members for two weeks and recently turned in the donations to the shelter, along with handmade cards. Chapel Haven West students thoroughly enjoyed the chance to give back.

Here’s what they had to say:

“I like that they help all the animals. They all have their own personalities and I love spending time with them.” –Katie

Chapel Haven West students collected animal toys and treats and delivered them to the shelter.

“Good place. Keeps me busy.” –Holden

“I like it. You can see the cats and pet them. Petting them makes me feel calm.” –Matthew

Great job, Chapel Haven West!

Giving back to the community and volunteering for local non-profits is a key part of the Chapel Haven West curriculum and a most enjoyable one! The students really enjoy making a difference in Tucson.

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