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Kimber, Thomas, Jamie and Doug had everyone’s attention as they spoke about what it’s like to enter the workforce. Great job by all!

A panel of adults at Chapel Haven Schleifer Center, Inc. gave often-moving stories as they spoke Nov. 27 about their personal experiences entering the workforce.

Listening were representatives from Chapel Haven’s Center for Employment Services and Opportunities (CESO) team, CESO advisors, CESO Executive Director Danielle Chiaraluce and Chapel Haven’s President Michael Storz. Also present was President Joseph Carbone and leadership from The Workplace, whose many programs and partnerships — including job training, career services and employment — have made a difference in the lives of thousands of Connecticut residents and individuals across the nation.

Many thanks to Kimber, Doug, Thomas and Jamie, for taking the time to talk about caring bosses, things that have gone well in their employment experiences, and some frustrating things. They also readily shared their dreams for future career opportunities.

CESO shared information about their services and future program goals. We discussed the potential for collectively helping people prepare for careers and strengthening the workforce for employers.

A great session for all!