Chapel Haven Schleifer Center takes advantage of our Westville location to offer our adults a broad range of cultural and sporting events to attend and provides rich opportunities for both recreation and volunteering.

Adults at Chapel Haven have the chance to sign up for trips and activities that take them all over the region. From Block Island to the Boston Red Sox, we get around!

The trips are chaperoned by trained weekend recreation staff under the direction of Recreation Supervisor Emily Westman, often college majors in special education or therapeutic recreation. Chapel Haven’s fleet of vans makes each trip easy to navigate.

With 30 activities, on average, a month to choose from, the Recreation program is a key part of our curriculum, and teaches our adults to:

  • Manage free time
  • Master social etiquette
  • Make and nurture lifelong friendships
  • Manage money
  • Stick to a schedule

Activities range from a night out at the movies, aquarium trips, theatre jaunts, sports-related trips to see the Mets, Yankees, Sound Tigers hockey team, Yale athletics, dances, movies, hikes and bowling t0 overnight, chaperoned trips such as Disney World and Crested Butte ski resort in Colorado. Other popular options include trips to Six Flags amusement park, Medieval Times, Broadway and Block Island!

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The Outreach Center, located on the second floor of the Bershaw Boswell Center, is the setting for many on-campus events, including Outreach Club on Monday and Tuesdays, fun activities every Wednesday with the Southern CT State University chapter of Best Buddies (the largest chapter in the state of CT), DJ dances, movies, karaoke, word search games and bingo.

In addition, Chapel Haven offers:

A vibrant Special Olympics program, with track and field, swimming, soccer, tennis, softball and bowling offered.

An adaptive tennis program, led by veteran tennis coach Jerry Weil. The program runs on Fridays and students are transported to indoor tennis venues at Oak Lane and yale’s Cullman-Heyman Tennis Center for fun tennis instruction and play with Jerry and volunteer coaches. An adult round-robin tennis event is held each  January honoring the involvement of Dr. Jerry Berg and raising funds to help defray the cost of tennis instruction for all interested CH adults.

A Chapel Haven golf tournament, set for Tuesday, Sept. 24 at Race Brook Country Club in Orange. This event draws golf enthusiasts and helps raise funds and awareness for vocational opportunities for our adults.

Students also enjoy:

A new partnership with the JCC of Greater Woodbridge, which allows our adults to swim, play basketball and take part in the cultural and fitness options at the newly renovated center in Woodbridge.

A ski and snow board club that interested students can join.

A unified sports club that offers a range of fun activities. Club members wear fitness trackers and earn rewards individually and as a group for the number of miles they walk each month.

A focus on health and wellness that helps shape the trips students can enjoy with an emphasis on exercise and eating well.

Every October, the recreation department and Chapel Haven Family Association team up to offer the Chapel Haven Bowlathon, a huge event where families and friends gather at the Amity Bowl lanes in Woodbridge, CT to bowl and catch up with other families. A BBQ presented by the Chapel Haven Family Association makes this one of the most anticipated dates on the Chapel Haven calendar! The 2019 Bowlathon is set for Saturday, Oct. 19, 2019.

The Recreation Program is available to students already enrolled at Chapel Haven and local families who are seeking a structured and fun social outlet for their son or daughter. Community Members also participate in the Recreation Program, many partaking in trips and activities designed for the more mature set. For more information, contact Emily Westman at