Congrats to Jonah S. for his accomplishments leading to paid employment!

Work Place Wednesday salutes Jonah S., a Chapel Haven West community member who has grown miraculously in his journey toward vocational success.

Jonah is from the Chicago area and is a graduate of the Cove School. He joined the Chapel Haven West (CHW) family as a residential student in July, 2012, where he progressed through his two-year program learning independent living skills, social communication skills, and vocational skills. He started his vocational journey by working at Home Depot as he was graduating from the Chapel Haven West program. He learned a lot of valuable skills through his employment there.

Jonah has since left Home Depot and is a community member in Tucson. He now works two jobs; one as the janitorial staff at Chapel Haven West and the other as a Retail Reset Merchandiser through SAS Retail Services.

Jonah’s duties at Chapel Haven West include cleaning all the offices, sweeping and mopping the sidewalks, wiping windows, and working with maintenance staff as needed.

His duties with SAS include merchandising, stocking, and facing products, following a planogram for placement of products, and basic customer service.

“Chapel Haven West helped me be successful at work by being in the work study program and getting that experience,” Jonah said.

“Jonah works well and is getting back into the swing of things rather quickly after the long holiday break,” stated SAS supervisor Michael Denning.

Staff at Chapel Haven West say that Jonah has all the right elements in place to do well with employment.

“Jonah is receptive to constructive criticism, and he stays optimistic and confident through the entirety of his shift,” said Fabian Roman, who served as Jonah’s job coach. “He is always on time, follows his schedule consistently and is always friendly to fellow staff.”

Vocation Coordinator, Amy Tellez, asked Jonah what his favorite part of his work at SAS was and Jonah stated, “My coworkers are always helpful.”

The teams at Chapel Haven and Chapel Haven West are proud of Jonah’s continued vocational success. Please congratulate him!