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Chapel Haven Schleifer Center, Inc. announces the launch of a new logo and tagline as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand.

Chapel Haven has a proud and long history of empowering adults to live independent and self-empowered lives. Nothing has changed about our track record – we remain a true pioneer in helping adults of varying abilities attain and achieve a vibrant independent life.

What has changed is our campus. We are underway with a $41 million campus transformation that has produced a new, state-of-the-art REACH residential and classroom campus; a beautiful new Welcome Center and, soon, a new lifelong SAIL universal campus, where adults can flourish into their senior years.

What also has changed is our corporate name, reflecting a generous gift from the Schleifer Family Foundation. The new Schleifer Adult Independent Living facility was made possible by a $16 million gift from the foundation, helmed by Regeneron founder and CEO Len Schleifer and advocate Harriet Schleifer. The Schleifers have a personal connection to Chapel Haven, where their son is in residence.

With so many changes underway, we are proud to announce and celebrate a new logo to reflect who we are today and where we are headed in our dynamic future. The new logo retains Chapel Haven’s traditional branding colors – bright yellow and royal blue. The image of a tree encased in an arch emerged from months of creative development and by far, was received the most positively by a large cross section of Chapel Haven adults, our Board of Directors, staff and even the design team from the S/L/A/M Collaborative.

“The simple tagline embodies the end result of a Chapel Haven experience. Our adults indeed grow when they come to Chapel Haven, they thrive once they learn how to live independently and they belong – to an accepting and empowering community,” said President Michael Storz.

Here are some of the many positive comments we received when asking for feedback on the new design:

  • shows a progressive, contemporary organization
  • warm and inviting
  • a family tree, with roots and growth
  • every leaf on a tree is different, but collectively we are fantastically beautiful!
  • movement – there is an excitement to the tree – very energized
  • evokes positive feelings of growth & acceptance

Chapel Haven Schleifer Center VP of Admissions and Marketing Catherine Sullivan DeCarlo led a months-long effort to help arrive at a new logo and tagline that speaks elegantly to our newly transformed campus and corporate name. The new logo will also be shared by Chapel Haven West, our Tucson, AZ campus.

“With the help of branding experts Matt Wiant and Kyle Piper, we held brainstorming sessions this past July with our marketing task force in which we looked at Chapel Haven’s current mission, vision and values. We looked at our printed materials going back several decades; we looked at how the Chapel Haven logo began and evolved; and we looked at sample logos and marketing language from similar/competing programs. It was a great session with lots of feedback from a good cross section of CH stakeholders,” Catherine said.

“From there a smaller group convened and worked for several months to develop a creative direction that would represent Chapel Haven well.”

Special thanks to the individuals who took part in our summer brainstorming, including:
Andrew Auerbach
Peggy Baker
Christy Chandler
Graham Crawford
Kenneth Hosto
Jen Lee
Judith Lefkowitz
Tina Menchetti
John Murphy
Tom O’Neill
John Orr
Kyle Piper
Michael Storz
Catherine Sullivan-DeCarlo
Special thanks to Matt Wiant for lending his expertise and exceptional facilitation skills!

Questions? Contact Catherine DeCarlo at (203) 397-1714, ext. 148 or Catherine