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Kim L. maintains a very busy life!

Kim L. gets this week’s Work Place Wednesday salute, for her cheerful presence and a terrific work ethic, despite a busy schedule.

Monday through Friday, Kim works part-time as an administrative assistant at Chapel Haven Schleifer Center. She is often the first face – or voice – that visitors encounter and she is unflaggingly cheerful and helpful.


President Michael Storz said he is proud that Kim is often the first one to greet families. “What better way to see what we are all about than to be greeted by a working professional who has a vibrant and productive life here at Chapel Haven.”

In fact, Storz has made a practice of employing Chapel Haven adults all around the campus, from IT to landscaping to the Chapel Haven cafe.

Kim also finds time to volunteer on Mondays and Wednesdays in the school library at Mauro-Sheridan Magnet School, literally a short stroll away from the Chapel Haven campus.

And, on Saturdays, Kim and her husband, Rich L., also a Chapel Haven community member, volunteer as ambassadors at Yale-New Haven Hospital.

“I just love it,” Kim says of her main job, which she has held for the last five years. “I just love interacting with students, answering students’ questions to the best of my knowledge, answering the phone. I think it’s interesting, what people have to say.”

Kim’s job is varied- answering phones, greeting current and prospective families, chasing down packages for students, helping staff reserve rooms for meetings. While she works at the front desk, her husband, Rich L., manages the cafe upstairs.

Getting a paycheck every week is pretty nice too. “I love getting my own money instead of always asking my family for money,” she says with a laugh.

Kim with Library Media Specialist Lucia Rafala

Kim volunteers twice a week in the library at Mauro-Sheridan School.

Kim also volunteers twice a week in the school library at Mauro-Sheridan Magnet School, literally a short stroll away from the Chapel Haven campus. Her job, under the direction of Library Media Specialist Lucia Rafala, is to sort and shelve books and organize book bins.

“I really like it,” she said, as she sorted books in the reading corner for the youngest pupils at Sheridan. “I make sure all the books are put in the appropriate bin.”

“I just like the variety of something else to do and I always liked Sheridan. It’s close to home, within walking distance and I just think it’s a great school.”

Lucia describes Kim as “a blessing. She is shelving books, maintaining shelf order. I’ve assigned her a couple of sections of the library. I know I can count on her to keep it organized. She’s very friendly, very organized and very committed to doing a good job. She’s willing to try any section I give her.”