Our Healthy Cooking with Nicole series continues with a soup and entree both delicious and healthy!

Nicole Rainieri is a board certified holistic health counselor who teaches healthy cooking classes at Chapel Haven Schleifer Center. Our students love her recipes and enjoy learning how to cook easy but healthy and tasty meals!

Start your meal off with a cup of healthy miso soup. So easy! Just miso, tofu, scallions! Here’s the recipe: Miso soup

Then make an easy entree of miso salmon with baby bok choy and asparagus. Recipe here: Miso Salmon with Baby Choy & Asparagus

Keep reading to see more delicious recipe ideas.

For example, how about pasta, but with a vegetable-based noodle? For example, zucchini pasta with bolognese sauce.

“It was a fun and delicious class, everyone got to make their own spiralized zucchini with an electronic spiralizer I brought in,” Nicole said.

“Using zucchini instead of noodles makes this dish a lot lower in calories, and more nutritious!”

Check out the recipe here:

Zucchini pasta with bolognese sauce

Last week, Nicole and class worked with parchment. Check out that recipe here: Parchment Chicken 4 Way 


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