Chapel Haven Schleifer Center is currently accepting applications from interested families for our PAVE program.

This is the first time we have opened the program to families interested in joining the Chapel Haven community and who wish to focus their programming around vocational training. In the past, the program was only available to adults already enrolled at Chapel Haven. So this is a great time to inquire!

PAVE is a unique, work-based learning program based at Yale-New Haven Hospital that helps adults prepare for competitive employment.

Interested families should send an inquiry to Christy Chandler

PAVE is a program of our new Center for Employment Services and Opportunities (CESO) at Chapel Haven Schleifer Center. The acronym stands for Partnership for Achievement through Vocational Experience (PAVE), and provides adults who wish to prepare for competitive employment with authentic work experiences and a robust vocational curriculum.

To read an overview of the program, click PAVE Program Overview 2019

Through volunteer placements in true work environments participants are fully immersed in the workplace, acquiring marketable job-specific and transferrable skills.

Each participant is placed in a position that suits their interests, abilities, and career goals while also allowing for the opportunity to explore a variety of career areas. In addition to all that is learned on the job, participants receive daily instruction on employment and related skills, taught by a highly qualified team of instructors including a certified Special Education Teacher, Speech Language Pathologist, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Lesson topics include: professional appearance and behavior, workplace social communication, coping skills and stress management, interview skills, professional portfolio development, and job search skills. Participant’s benefit from reinforcement and practice of independent living skills by planning for and/or preparing daily lunches, managing and maintaining a professional wardrobe and appearance, and navigating within and traveling to and from PAVE’s Yale New Haven Hospital location independently.