Alex has secured a new, FT job at Old Pueblo Anesthesia.

In today’s Work Place Wednesday feature, we are celebrating Alex W., who has been hired full-time at Old Pueblo Anesthesia in Tucson.

Alex joined the Chapel Haven West (CHW) program from his home community in Washington state in July, 2015, where he progressed through his two-year program learning independent living skills, social communication skills, and vocational skills.

He took the lessons he was learning in his classes into the work study setting, where he interned at three places over the course of his program. He completed his Work Study at World Care as a Warehouse Associate, Jim Click Automotive as a Data Entry Clerk, and Compass Affordable Housing as an Office Assistant.

Alex excelled in all three internships and learned a lot about how to perform in a professional work setting. As a result, he was able to secure a job upon graduation at Trader Joes as a Crew Member. This month marks Alex’s one year anniversary at Trader Joes.

Several weeks ago, Alex was offered a part-time data entry position at Old Pueblo Anesthesia. He was picked out of 250+ applicants due to his Work Study experience at Jim Click. Alex’s work mainly revolves around inputting medical data for billing purposes. His accuracy and speed has positively impacted the company. Consequently, after two weeks, Alex was able to wean off job coaching and continues to thrive to the point that he was asked to stay on full time.

“Alex has blossomed in this position,” said Nicole Shows, Alex’s Chapel Haven West job coach at both Jim Click and Old Pueblo Anesthesia. “This seems to be the perfect fit for him.”

“From day one, Alex has been a strong part of our team and carried his own weight. His accuracy is uncanny and his ability to focus on the little things that count make his performance stand out,” agreed Kristi Fresh, Office Administrator at Old Pueblo Anesthesia.  “We see Alex as a long term member of our OPA family. I cannot thank the team at Chapel Haven West enough for this program and the support they provide to Alex and our team.”

For his part, Alex says, “I like it because it’s a chill environment with little to no noise and I can relax in it.”  Having a similar internship at Jim Click is helping Alex feel confident in his newly acquired skills.

Alex has proven himself to be a valued employee at Old Pueblo Anesthesia. The Chapel Haven West team congratulates Alex on his continued success!

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