We are excited to announce that Chapel Haven Schleifer Center is now offering our entire curriculum online in a new distance learning portal called Chapel Haven Online

This new online portal makes everything we teach and offer easily accessible, both to current families and prospective ones.

Core programming for REACH, the Asperger Syndrome Adult Transition (ASAT) program and Chapel Haven West are available to anyone, including those outside our Chapel Haven community. You can also sign up for classes in fitness, wellness, adult education and recreation!

Parent and student response so far has been amazing:

Parent Debi Wills says: “Just wanted to say what an awesome job Chapel Haven is doing with all of the virtual class and recreation activities for all who can’t be there during the COVID 19 quarantine. Keeping the friends connected virtually is amazing for Jessica Wills as she is enjoying the nature and her family at her home in Scotland,CT while being able to continue her classes!”
Parent Josh Sapan, CEO of AMC Network, Inc., offered this video tribute of all that his son, Nate, is accomplishing right now: “He’s having a spectacular time. He’s safe, he’s happy, he’s energetic. He’s busier than he’s ever been and seems more engaged.” Check out his video: Josh Sapan on Chapel Haven Online
Student Andrew Burbank says, “I had an amazing time at online karaoke! Best of all was when Patricia sang the ’Toy Story’ theme. She is great! The virtual classes are different but helpful at the same time. They add a lot of value despite us not being there.”
Parent Diane Rubinger says, “Chapel Haven has fearlessly met the recent challenges posed by this terrible situation and we are very grateful. We couldn’t be happier with the care and support that Zoe is getting while in lockdown on campus. Staff is caring, brave and devoted.”
Some popular classes include:
  • The Flora Show (all about pets)
  • Fitness Classes including Zumba, yoga
  • Theatre Games with ASAT
  • Nailed It (a silly cooking competition)
  • Art for Relaxation
  • Virtual Game Club

We are especially excited to offer our online curriculum at a time when many adults may be stuck at home with little to do. This is a great time to sample all that Chapel Haven can offer. We’ve been in the field since 1972 and are excited to branch out with this new endeavor.

I encourage you to check out our offerings on Chapel Haven Online and sign up today!