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Gina Apicella, VP of Autism Services at Chapel Haven

We’re proud to be featured in the summer edition of Autism Spectrum News with our article on the surprising benefits of online learning.

Co-authored by Gina Apicella, our VP of Autism Services, and ASAT Supervisor Carolyn Gorman, the column articulates some of the unforeseen advantages that have developed as our students have taken part in our online distance learning platform.

“Some individuals have benefited from being able to control their surroundings in a way that they know to be most conducive to their learning. For some, this may mean being in a room alone without any distractions, lighting of their choice, seating that feels most comfortable, etc.,” the authors wrote.

Carolyn Gorman, Supervisor, ASAT Program

Read the full story here: Unforeseen Advantages of Virtual Learning

Chapel Haven’s Asperger Syndrome Adult Transition is designed for adults with Asperger Syndrome, high-functioning autism and executive functioning challenges. The ASAT program is targeted, with an overlay of social communicative competency infused into every aspect of the curriculum. The ASAT program has been highly successful in helping a growing cadre of adults gain productive, self-empowered lives.  Chapel Haven has redesigned the program to offer more price points and choices for families looking for the right next step for their loved ones. Read on: ASAT Program Overview

Chapel Haven Schleifer Center is now offering our entire curriculum online in a new distance learning portal. Check that out here: Chapel Haven Online

This new online portal makes everything we teach and offer easily accessible, both to current families and prospective ones.

Core programming for REACH, the Asperger Syndrome Adult Transition (ASAT) program and Chapel Haven West are available to anyone, including those outside our Chapel Haven community. You can also sign up for classes in fitness, wellness, adult education and recreation!

Parent and student response so far has been amazing:

Parent Debi Wills says: “Just wanted to say what an awesome job Chapel Haven is doing with all of the virtual class and recreation activities for all who can’t be there during the COVID 19 quarantine. Keeping the friends connected virtually is amazing for Jessica Wills as she is enjoying the nature and her family at her home in Scotland,CT while being able to continue her classes!”
Parent Josh Sapan, CEO of AMC Network, Inc., offered this video tribute of all that his son, Nate, is accomplishing right now: “He’s having a spectacular time. He’s safe, he’s happy, he’s energetic. He’s busier than he’s ever been and seems more engaged.”
Check out his video: Josh Sapan on Chapel Haven Online
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