Chapel Haven Schleifer Center is delighted to offer two free online workshops tapping into the most current, cutting-edge autism research by two prominent Yale doctors.

Please join us at lunchtime on Thursday, Dec. 3 and Wednesday, Dec. 9 noon EST for these free online workshops. Pre-registration is easy – save your seat!

Thursday, Dec. 3, Noon EST – The Genetics of Autism

In our first session on Dec. 3, Dr. Abha Gupta, MD, PhD, will briefly review the basic principles of human genetics investigation and update parents and professionals on recent advances in research on the genetics of autism spectrum disorder.

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About Dr. Abha Gupta:
Dr. Abha Gupta is an assistant professor in the Departments of Pediatrics, Child Study Center, and Neuroscience at the Yale School of Medicine. She is a Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician who directs an autism diagnostic clinic for young children. She also directs a research program that investigates the genetics and neurobiology of autism, especially regressive forms of autism such as childhood disintegrative disorder and sex differences in autism. Along with Dr. Roger Jou of the Child Study Center, she leads the SPARK project at Yale, the largest, nationwide, multisite effort to recruit 50,000 individuals with autism and their families for genetics studies. 

Wednesday, Dec. 9, Noon EST – Maintaining your Spark: Medication, Mental Health and the Autism Spectrum

While there are no medications approved to address underlying social communication challenges associated with autism, co-occurring mental health conditions can often be effectively treated with the same medications approved for use in typically developing populations. However, careful adaptation is required to ensure appropriate and accurate assessment which is essential for safe and effective treatment. Join us for a presentation by Dr. Roger Jou, child psychiatrist at Yale Child Study Center specializing in autism.

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About Dr. Roger Jou:
Roger J. Jou MD, MPH, PhD is a psychiatrist and researcher at the Yale Child Study Center whose work for the past 20 years has focused on autism across the lifespan. Dr. Jou’s background in psychiatry, public health, and medical science has shaped his non-traditional approach to improving quality of life using diverse simultaneous strategies. To this end, he founded Community Autism Socials at Yale (CASY) in 2014, providing free social-recreation, education, and support for American autism communities. The program is now known as CASY Sparks Autism Innovation & Discovery (or simply CASY Sparks) to reflect the progress made over the years and especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Jou’s research is also diverse ranging from clinical trials to studying neuroanatomical diversity using MRI technology. He is also a principle investigator for SPARK at Yale (Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research for Knowledge) which has supported and sponsored numerous autism-focused non-profit organizations in Connecticut. SPARK is the largest genetic study of autism ever and Yale ( is one of dozens of participating autism research centers across the United States. 

Questions? Please contact Catherine DeCarlo, Vice President of Admissions and Marketing at Chapel Haven Schleifer Center.