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Natasha Lubczenko, CT Styles Reporter

A huge part of growing up and becoming an adult is learning how to be independent. For people living with social disabilities, there are a few more hurdles to overcome in taking this step.

We were proud to tell our story in an interview with WTNH News Channel 8’s Natasha Lubczenko about the many ways that our Asperger Syndrome Adult Transition (ASAT) Program helps adults with autism, Asperger Syndrome, executive functioning and related social disabilities achieve happy, independent lives.

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Gina Apicella, Chapel Haven’s Vice President of Autism Services,  noted that Chapel Haven Schleifer Center has offered a program tailored to adults with Asperger Syndrome and related profiles since 2006. Chapel Haven is experienced in helping this population achieve their goals of living happy and productive lives as independent adults.

“Our services are far ranging, and can range from hourly supports for individuals attending college or seeking success with career and employment, to residential programming for those who want to learn to live on their own. Everything that we teach is accomplished through the lens of social communication – helping our adults feel competent and confident socially in the world. We use a coaching model in all of our supports,” she said.

Gina Apicella, VP of Autism Services

Those supports include:

  • Social communication therapy – taking another person’s perspective, understanding hidden social rules, problem solving
  • Help with daily living
  • Academic supports in areas that include executive functioning, time management, self advocacy
  • Learning how to navigate the college setting
  • Learning how to make friends and develop a satisfying circle of peers
  • Career exploration – securing and maintaining meaningful employment

“Because we have been in this field a long time (Chapel Haven as an agency is nearing its 50th anniversary), we have longstanding relationships in the community – such as at Southern CT State University, Gateway College, University of New Haven, Yale Child Study Center. We view the community as our classroom.”

To learn more about our ASAT program, inquire here