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The second edition of the Newz Flash is out and packed with interesting content generated entirely by our adults!
Newz Flash is  a recurring e-newsletter produced  by PAVE volunteers. The newsletter is devoted to stories on employment, business and human interest topics and is produced through Chapel Haven’s CareerAbility program. All the interesting and compelling articles in this newsletter are written by the 2020/2021 PAVE cohort…..Jessica Lerman, Seth Light, Rhys Harris, Abram Resnick and James Stavola.
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The newsletter includes articles about:

Tree of Inspiration

Jessica interviews Chapel Haven Schleifer Center President Michael Storz and Executive Vice President Einera Beauvais about the Tree of Inspiration, an activity completed years ago where people had the chance to share how they would like to see Chapel Haven grow. The Tree of Inspiration, created by Art Director Tina Menchetti, was unveiled at Chapel Haven’s annual family weekend brunch at Anthony’s Ocean View. “At the luncheon they laid out the leaves on all the tables and asked for the attendees to describe their wishes for what the future of Chapel Haven could be. At the end of the event, the leaves were all collected and put up on the tree. ” Jessica writes. Einera comments, “Seeing the way everyone was interacting with the tree made me excited.” She hoped that people would embrace this activity and that is what happened. Einera stated that she would, “definitely plan on using this activity in the future to engage with families. It was a wonderful way to see and hear people hopes, dreams and ideas.”

The value of WWE

Abram Resnick and Rhys Harris wrote about the value of WWE!  They even interviewed Mike Storz, who noted, “I couldn’t wait to see Hulk Hogan wrestle.” He remembers how Hulk Hogan had a cameo appearance in the original “Rocky” movie and discussed how the film was loosely based on the true story of Chuck Wepner. Chuck was an unknown boxer who once got a chance to fight Muhammad Ali. According to Mike “Chuck once got thrown out of the ring by Andre the Giant.” This was also used in “Rocky” when Hulk Hogan throws Rocky Balboa out of the ring. But Rocky gets back in the ring and does the same thing to Hulk Hogan. Read the whole column here

Rhys’ Pieces

In a piece called “Rhys’ Pieces,” Rhys Harris wrote some words of wisdom, including
Be thankful for what and who you have in your life, especially family.
 Appreciate your opportunities.
Know that all the little things add up to a big thing and this is what makes
life special.
There is always something to learn. Enjoy yourself!

Ask Jessica

In a column called “Ask Jessica,” Jessica talked about her new job at the reception desk in the Welcome Center and offered tips on an effective resume.
“Welcome back to Ask Jessica!
A lot has happened since last month’s column. During the past few weeks, I have been working with Partnership for Achievement through Vocational Experience staff to prepare for a job opportunity at the Welcome Center working at front desk at Chapel Haven Schleifer Center. This includes filling out an application, creating a cover letter and also revising my resume so that it is up to date. Your resume is your work biography.”

Seth’s Game Reviews: Superman Returns DS and spotlight on staffer 

Seth wrote game reviews and also interviewed Sarah Davison, speech-language pathologist in the ASAT Program.

In his column about gaming, Seth began: “Hello everyone, and welcome back. Today, I’m not going to be talking about a good game. For the sake of variety, and to vent about my childhood trauma, I’m going to be talking about a bad game. Some of you may have heard of Superman 64, a game widely considered to be one of the worst games of all time. Ugly graphics, barely responsive controls, and glitchier than a Bethesda game. But this lesser known Superman game is, in my opinion, even worse. Superman Returns for the Nintendo DS.
As the title suggests, this game was released to coincide with the 2006 movie of the same name. There were other Superman Returns games released on different consoles, but due to the differences in hardware, the DS version is completely different. And like most movie tie-in games, its development was rushed, had a small budget, and none of the developers really cared. As stated by Jon Jordan in his review for Pocket Gamer UK, “It’s less to do with being the Man of Steel, more a rusty version of the tin man – because this is a game without a heart.”


Sarah Davison

Seth also wrote a moving column about Sarah Davison, Speech-Language Pathologist in the ASAT program. Seth writes,
“From massage therapy to speech pathology, Sarah Davison has spent much of her working life in careers dedicated to helping people to improve their lives and giving them opportunities for growth. Her social communication classes have become a highlight for many ASAT students coming to Chapel Haven, including myself. Her classes are full of humor and positive energy at all times. She isn’t like your typical school teacher who stays at their desk and reads from a textbook. She moves around the classroom, getting everyone involved and making sure they’re every bit as engaged as she is. During my interview with her, Sarah said, “seeing and helping students grow and transform, learning the skills they need to become fully independent adults,” is her favorite part of her job. She considers herself as having a very small role in students’ development, but I (as well as some of her peers) would argue that she plays a much bigger part than she gives herself credit for.
“Sarah Davison is at the top of her class as a Speech-Language Pathologist. She is an incredibly compassionate person who always gives 110% effort into anything she does. I consider myself extremely lucky to have had the pleasure of learning from her, and I’m incredibly grateful for the lessons she’s taught and the support she has given.”

The Future of Amazon

James Stavola wrote about the future of Amazon and use of automated drones. “We’ve all ordered stuff from Amazon. You probably wanted clothes, electronics; anything you can think of, Amazon has it for sale. Amazon Prime allows you to get most of these items within 2 days in most areas, and even less in certain cities for a certain price. But with Amazon Prime Air on the horizon, those delivery times will decrease exponentially and change the company forever.”  
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