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The Summer B catalog for Chapel Haven’s Asperger Syndrome Adult Transition is out and now is the time to register! New classes start July 12.

View the Summer B catalog here: ASAT SUMMER 2021 Course Catalog

Some fun offerings this summer include Emotional Regulation and Management, Summer Smoothies, Summer Book Club and more.  Many individuals have registered for online workshops as a way to get familiar with us! Check it out!

All registrants will go through a brief intake process  before joining classes. For information, contact us at

The Asperger Syndrome Adult Transition (ASAT) Program at Chapel Haven Schleifer Center provides an array of services to support individuals with Asperger’s Syndrome and related diagnoses to live increasingly independent and productive lives. One component is our adult education program, which offers a range of workshops to develop social and independent living skills, as well as for personal enrichment.

The ASAT program is targeted, with an overlay of social communicative competency infused into every aspect of the curriculum. The ASAT program has been highly successful in helping a growing cadre of adults gain productive, self-empowered lives.  Chapel Haven has redesigned the program to offer more price points and choices for families looking for the right next step for their loved ones. Read on: ASAT Program Overview

Chapel Haven Schleifer Center is now offering our entire curriculum online in a new distance learning portal. Check that out here: Chapel Haven Online