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Chapel Haven Schleifer Center remains Covid-19 free and our adults and staff are healthy. This is a moment to savor and celebrate! Having said that, it’s time to start “opening” back up in a careful but celebratory way.

We are pleased to announce the following updates:

Of the 200-plus adults we serve, nearly every individual has been vaccinated. The majority of our staff and our residential adults are fully vaccinated. This has been a long time in coming and is due to determined families and staff, who worked hard to encourage a culture of promoting health and safety.

We are committed to opening our programs back up in a way that continues to reflect directives from the CDC, our local health department and our own best practices. As such, here are some program updates:

As of June 1, 2021:

  • The Community Life Program (CLP) and UArts have returned to full in-person programming (with some restrictions)
  • In-person, off campus Recreation trips will also resume. The June recreation calendar is now open for registration on CHSC Rec Desk
  • CareerAbility has returned 100% to full in-person programming (with some restrictions) for employment and 85% of our volunteer sites have resumed. We will resume 100% of our in-person programming for our CareerAbility catalog, services, and work-based learning programs on July 5th.
  • The Café will continue to be open most days, M-F from 9-2 to residential students and those scheduled for in-person appointments or programming. Any staff or volunteers who have not yet returned may resume the week of June 21st at a reduced schedule. Please reach out to Danielle Chiaraluce to request your schedule. The Café will re-open to community members beginning July 5th.
  • For those who are fully vaccinated, masks are no longer required outdoors on the CHSC Campus. Mask-wearing indoors will continue to be required.

As of July 1st:

  • The CHSC Campus will open to Community Members. On-campus summer classes, recreation and fitness activities will be available to community members. Registration will open June 14 so please be sure to register as quickly as possible. The number of people per class or activity will be limited and everyone who attends an on campus activity will be required to have a temperature check.
  • Virtual classes and Recreation activities will continue to be offered. To see recreation offerings, click CHSC Rec Desk
  • Masks will be worn at all times inside our buildings and social distancing enforced.
  • All community spaces on campus will continue to be sanitized regularly.
  • Frequent handwashing will also continue to be reinforced.


Effective July 1st, the CHSC campus will open to indoor visitors. 

  • All visitors must check in with the receptionist at the front desk of the Welcome Center upon their arrival to campus. Visitors will receive a visitor pass which must be returned to the receptionist before leaving campus.
  • Visitors will be screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. This includes actively taking each person’s temperature using a no-touch thermometer and asking whether or not the person is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Masks must be worn at all times indoors.

Should you have questions about our procedures, feel free to reach out to Catherine DeCarlo