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For a #thankfulThursday feature, we invited compliments to our staff on social media and got a great response.

We posted our question on our Facebook and Instagram accounts and got lots of wonderful comments from our adults.

Here are some excerpts:

Community member Nandi JTina because she always helped me get over my fear when I first started doing Chapel Haven Theater – she always told me to speak up and sing louder I love Tina.”

Community member Andrew A. “I would say Tina Menchetti because she is so good in arranging Out to Art.”

Community member Sam P: “I am thankful for my friends and family and my (Supported Living) counselor Amanda Altieri and Dylan and Nick, they are great friends and Special Olympics.”

Parent Kris Burbank: So thankful for Ethan, Terri and the entire SAIL staff. What a difference you have made this year to so many!!❤️ Grateful for all you do and are.

Our President, Michael Storz, got some love from Community Member Shane S.: “Mike Storz for working hard to get everybody through the pandemic!”

Community member Justin M: “I’m thankful for my girlfriend Maria and my mom and also Tina Menchetti, who is totally awesome teacher ever.”

Community member Kerry W. gave a shout-out to trainer Kim Stack

Community member David O.:  “(Supported Living Counselor) Ron Guerrucci Is One Great Friend & Loyal Person To All Of Us Including Me.”

SAIL student Zoe: “I’m thankful for Recreation Director Emily, SAIL staff and UArts because they are helpful.”

Community member Rachel: “I’m thankful for Mike Storz and the REACH staff because they helped me through Covid.”

Do you want to contribute a compliment? Send your thoughts to Catherine DeCarlo