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Co-captain Alana

A new Sweat Equity challenge issued by Wellness Director Ryan McEachern brought out some good, old-fashioned competition.

We have officially wrapped up our first 8-Week CHSC Sweat Equity Challenge and it was a great success!

If you haven’t heard about it, For the past 8 weeks our Wellness Director, Ryan McEachern, challenged our community to adopt better fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle habits.

Each day, Staff and students completed a series of healthy habits in exchange for SWEAT EQUITY points.

This included keeping a food journal and making better food choices, getting daily exercise, reflecting the weeks successes and opportunities for improvement, and getting enough quality rest.

 Right till the last day of the challenge the Staff, Community Members and Teams battled to see who could gain the most so that they could win awesome prizes. Out of the 87 that started, about 75 completed the whole challenge and we had special prizes for the top EARNING team, staff and community member, and top earner from each team.

The team that came out on top was SAIL. The Community Member who gained the most SWEAT EQUITY was Dana from SAIL. Our very own VP, Einera was the top earning staff. The winners from each department are:

  • Maia from REACH
  • Jaime from SAIL
  • John from SLP
  • Blake from ASAT
  • Kyle from CLP
  • Faith from the BUSINESS TEAM
  • And Matt from RECREATION.

Congratulations to these individuals and everyone that participated and gave their best effort for 8 straight weeks. We already have a bunch of people asking when the next one will be!

Questions? Contact Ryan McEachern