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A festive completion ceremony on June 16, 2022, celebrated the hard work of 14 adults at Chapel Haven Schleifer Center, who completed internships in the PAVE and Retail Sales Training programs run by CareerAbility.

During a ceremony emceed by Sue Snowden, Manager of Work Based Learning and Training for CareerAbility, with remarks from CHSC President Michael Storz, proud parents looked on as the graduates received a certificate of completion and gift bags that included a professional portfolio for employment documents and a string bag from the CHSC Uarts store.

Congratulations to all the interns!!!

Yale-New Haven Hospital/PAVE Internship:

Ally Cometz

Imaan Raza

Anna Reagle

At Yale-New Haven Hospital, Anna worked in the food and nutrition department, Imaan worked as a cafeteria assistant and Ally worked in a variety of administrative departments.

Our PAVE partnership with Yale-New Haven Hospital marked its 10th anniversary this year.


Jewish Community Center of Greater New Haven (JCC-GNH) PAVE Internship:

Deborah Margolis

Avraham Spechler

James Stavola

Matthew Schwartz

At the JCC, students worked in the membership and marketing departments, along with recreation and sports and human resources James used his passion for writing at the JCC to help edit and produce the weekly newsletters. James developed a detailed itinerary for an upcoming Israel trip  offered by the JCC. Avi used his background in library science to conduct extensive amount of in-depth research regarding policies and employment opportunity at the JCC. Debbie worked in the membership department and did so well, she was offered a part-time receptionist job! 

Whelen Engineering PAVE Internship:

Mira Roe

Derek Rivkin

Nick Wiant

At Whelen, Derek worked as a warehouse runner while Mira enjoyed working in the company cafeteria. Nick was a first-assembly intern. Whelen is located in Chester, CT and has been a popular PAVE internship site for several years.



Retail Sales Training/CVS:

James Hedlund

Sonja L.

Colm Ruddy

Peter Zichichi


In the Retail Sales Training program, adults have the chance to learn and practice skills required for employment in the retail industry, both in a closed and comfortable environment as well as at a functional retail site. This includes an hour-long classroom component followed by an hour-long CVS practice store component, and externship placements at a CVS store or other local retail business

CareerAbility’s Retail Sales Training Program partnership with CVS allowed the creation of a mock store on campus. This practice store serves as a valuable teaching tool for staff and a safe and comfortable learning tool for our individuals. The lessons in this practice space focused on the Hard Skills associated with a Retail Sales Associate career and the skills necessary for success in retail employment. 

Student Reflections

Student comments on the experience reflect how rich and effective the training was.

“Congratulations to PAVE and Retail Sales class of 2022. Being at the JCC was an amazing experience.” –Debbie Margolis

“I really enjoyed PAVE and thank you for supporting me in whatever I want to do in the future.” – Mira Roe 

“Thank you to all the PAVE students and PAVE staff.” – Imaan Raza 

“ PAVE has changed my life. I would like to thank all the provide support that was given to me. It was a great year for me.” – Anna Reagle

“ Thanks to everyone I got to know during my PAVE shift at YNHH. I learned a lot of new office related tasks and skills. Mainly improving my physical organizational skills. Thank you everyone at PAVE and YNHH.” – Ally Cometz.

“ I think that PAVE has a lot of strengths I would like.” – Avi Spechler  

“I would like to thank PAVE for giving me the opportunity to learn with them. I appreciate the families for their support.” – James Stavola

“ Thank you PAVE for having me this year. I enjoyed working at Whelen Engineering.” – Derek Rivkin

For more information about PAVE or the Retail Sales Training programs, contact Suzanne Snowden, Manager of Work Based Learning and Training, CareerAbility, CHSC at: or 203.397.1714 ext. 213