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Chapel Haven Schleifer Center is rolling out our Meet and Greet virtual sessions in 2023, giving current and prospective families a closer look at the various programs we offer!

Mark your schedules, save your slot and join us! All sessions take place from 6-7 p.m.

Schedule of presentations:

Weds, Jan 11, Supported Living

Join Director of Community Programs Sunny Richards for an overview of the transition from Chapel Haven residential programs into the supported living community. Hear answers to common questions about services, cost, and more. Additionally, learn about the role of the Support Coordinator who provides 1:1 assistance with a multitude of life skills and case management services, the programs and classes that adults can participate in while in the Supported Living Program, and the common goals and objectives of the Supported Living Program.

Register here for Jan. 11 Supported Living Meet and Greet

Weds, Feb. 15, Recreation

Join Recreation Supervisor Emily Austin as we  talk all about our vibrant recreation offerings, which are open to CHSC adults and those outside our community who want to lively up their social lives. Our Recreation program offers a regular robust calendar of chaperoned trips to sporting events, museums, amusement parks, and cultural events, along with participation in Special Olympics, weekly recreation clubs, and Best Buddies. In addition, we are proud to offer more than 40 virtual activities a month!

Save your spot for the  Feb. 15 Recreation Meet and Greet here

Weds, March 15Wellness at CHSC

Join Wellness Coordinator Ryan McEachern and his team online for an online overview and Q&A. CHSC’s wellness program empowers adults to live healthier and happier lives. Through classes, personal training, health and nutrition classes and more, we help our adults reach their fitness and health goals. CHSC has a team of instructors who are skilled, energetic and well loved around campus!

Save your spot for the Wellness Meet and Greet here


Weds, April 12 – Community Life Program

Join Community Life Program Manager Alyssa Parete for a presentation on The Community Life Program (CLP). CLP is designed to offer a structured, community-focused day for individuals who are either not working or working a limited number of hours, Chapel Haven’s CLP provides participants with opportunities to explore, interact and volunteer in the Greater New Haven community.

Save your spot for the April 12 Community Life Program session here

Weds, May 10 – CareerAbility

Sarah ElsdonJoin  Sarah Elsdon, Career Development Manager and her team to explore how CareerAbility can help Chapel Haven-enrolled adults achieve their employment goals. CareerAbility uses a unique, state-of-the-art process to support job seekers as they navigate their personal and career development goals. From volunteering, internships, and career training to career advisement, job placement, and support services, CareerAbility has great success in helping adults secure meaningful employment and placements. Learn more about CareerAbility services, fees, and how to apply.

Save your spot for the May 10 CareerAbility session here

Questions? Contact Catherine DeCarlo