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Wellness Director Ryan McEachern is excited to spotlight CHSC adults who are working hard on health and fitness.

Megan A.

Shout-out to Megan for being #CHSCStrong! Megan has been leading into her strengths! What does that mean?

Ryan explains: “Well, often in habit change you’ll hear people say “focus on your weaknesses” which basically means to look at where you are struggling most and try to make improvements in that area. This doesn’t always work though as it can be demotivating to have to ‘fight an uphill battle’ This is where leaning into your strengths comes in and can give you that push you need. Instead of focusing where she needs work, we focus on doubling down on what she’s good at.

While Megan is learning the complex ins and outs of planning, preparing and following a proper diet – with the goal of getting 1% better each day, she really enjoys working out. This is especially true after a stressful day/week, and hitting the heavy bag for 20min can be the best form of therapy.”

Megan has cranked up her workouts from 2-3 workouts per week from 3-5 workouts per week and you can tell by this smile that she is feeling good! When you are feeling good and accomplished, it becomes a lot easier to tackle the harder things. This is why you should consider leaning into your strengths.

Congrats, Megan!



Another Fitness Hero is community member Carolyn! She has been taking control of her health and wellness by:

  • Exercising more
  • Eating better
  • Cutting soda from her diet

These changes have helped her lose nine pounds, even over Thanksgiving break. So awesome!

Daniel V.


We also send congrats to CHSC community member Daniel V. He joined the CHSC Wellness Program in January of 22 and lost 15 pounds within several months.

How did he do it? Ryan reports that Daniel cut out the take-out meals, goes for walks, drinks plenty of water, makes healthy meal choices and manages his stress and anxiety.

We are so proud of all of our adults for paying attention to their health and wellness. For more information about our Wellness program, contact Ryan McEachern

Learn more about our CHSC Wellness Program here