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Chapel Haven Schleifer Center is delighted to announce a virtual workshop entitled “Love on the Spectrum and More: Building Healthy Relationships,” Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 6 p.m. EDT for parents and caregivers of neurodiverse adults on  how to talk about and support their loved ones in having healthy dating relationships, and in avoiding unhealthy or abusive ones.

Our expert presenters are Dr. Laurie Sperry and Kate Jamison-Alward. Dr. Sperry is a regular contributor to CHSC as a consultant and expert in special needs populations. Kate Jamison-Alward has frequently co-presented with Dr. Sperry and is an expert in sex education.  Read their bios below and click below to save your seat.

Register here to join us or use QR code above!

The workshop will explore the myths and facts of sexuality and disability, discuss social stamina as it relates to real world relationships, provide examples of learning activities on the topic of healthy vs. abusive relationships, share strategies for starting challenging conversations around relationships and sexuality, help develop caregiver skills in navigating diversity in gender and sexual identity, and provide resources for supporting neurodiverse people with a wide range of sexuality topics.

About our presenters

Photo of Dr. Laurie Sperry

Dr. Laurie Sperry

Dr. Laurie Sperry (she/her)  is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst whose work focuses on the social support of individuals who are neurodiverse.   Through her clinic, Autism Services And Programs, she provides support to teens and adults to promote their inclusion in their schools, communities and places of work.  Through her work in Autism Forensics, she works with private attorneys, and the public and federal defenders office to ensure the humane and just treatment of neurodiverse people who come in contact with the Juvenile and Criminal Justice System.


head shot, Kate Jamison-Alward

Kate Jamison-Alward

Kate Jamison-Alward, MSW (they or she) is a reproductive and sexual health educator based in Northern California. Kate has 12 years of experience teaching puberty and sex ed in over 60 schools and organizations. They have taught special education classes, 1:1 sex ed with individuals with ID/DD and autism, and led staff trainings for direct service providers and behavioral therapists. Kate is an adjunct trainer for the California Department of Public Health STD Control Branch Sexuality Health Educator Training Program, a certified trainer of Elevatus Training, and is currently preparing to lead multiple 20-session sex ed courses with neurodiverse clients.

Questions? Contact Catherine Sullivan-DeCarlo