ASAT Social Communicative Competency

The ASAT program is nationally unique in its focus on social communication. The SCC curriculum was designed by a team of experts and centers around a core component of social communicative competency (SCC).

4Living in an apartment with roommates, managing an academic schedule and transitioning into productive and meaningful work, all require that students compromise, solve problems, and advocate for their needs.


This highly important curriculum area provides opportunities for:

  • Development of appropriate interpretation and use of nonverbal communication, such as facial expressions, gestures and physical proximity, in a variety of contexts and settings;

  • Instruction in receptive language skills, developing the individual’s ability to respond to information that is presented both visually and auditorially;

  • Demonstration of increased expressive language skills in a variety of contexts, including but not limited to speech clarity, speed, phrasing, the correct use of formal and informal language, figurative language, irony, metaphors and non-literal language;

  • and Development of perspective-taking theory of mind skills is the cornerstone of the social communication curriculum.

The program’s focus on teaching skills that can be practiced in real life settings is unique. There are very few programs that focus on the needs of individuals with social disabilities,” said Dr. Volkmar. “It is clear that lack of ‘real world’ or adaptive skills is a major obstacle for many individuals being able to successfully make it on their own. Chapel Haven has a strong developmental focus with realistic expectations to hone in on these needs.