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14Nov 2017

Chapel Haven Changes Lives is delighted this week to highlight Robin J., a longtime community member who has been at Chapel Haven for nearly 40 years. Robin recalls coming to Chapel Haven’s REACH program in 1981 from Washington, D.C., having had mixed success making friends in high school. “I was very shy,” she says. “When […]

13Nov 2017

Chapel Haven drew more than 200 families and friends at its September 15 groundbreaking, celebrating a new chapter in Chapel Haven’s storied history. Chapel Haven is underway with a multi-year campus expansion, with the ultimate goal of providing lifelong services to adults with social and developmental disabilities. Founded in 1972, Chapel Haven empowers 250 adults […]

06Nov 2017

Chapel Haven West second-year student Lauren Damuth has been recognized as Intern of the Week for her solid performance. Lauren has two internships through CHW’s work study program- as a teacher’s assistant in a preschool, and one as an intern with the Arizona Theater Company. Lauren enjoys interning in a pre-school class at Tucson’s Outer […]

03Nov 2017

Community Member Rebecca M. recently won an incentive award at work! Rebecca enjoys assisting and interacting with the customers at Safeway and received the award based on positive customer satisfaction surveys. Rebecca shared that the Social Communication concepts she has discussed and practiced during her weekly meetings with Speech-Language Pathologist Kelli Foreman have not only helped her with customer interactions, but […]