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22Oct 2013

Chapel Haven’s new class, “The Weigh to Live,” in partnership with the Cornell-Scott Hill Health Center, is not only resulting in significant weight loss for clients, it’s also gaining media attention. First,  News Channel 8 came to campus and filmed the class for an Oct. 22 feature  on their evening broadcast. Among students interviewed, Rose […]

18Oct 2013

The transition from high school to college is tricky for most students, and for those on the Autism Spectrum, there are added and unique challenges. But the college environment in many ways is also ideal for those on the spectrum, because of factors like scheduling flexibility, more choices and a diverse student population that may […]

23Aug 2013

First-year Yale medical students spent today touring Chapel Haven’s campus, meeting students and community members and learning more about the agency’s track record in serving adults with a variety of disabilities. Along the way, the students, who are all new to New Haven, received some travel training from Chapel Haven community member John Orr, who […]

24May 2013

A family who toured Chapel Haven recently was enamored with Chapel Haven’s Jewish Student organization and wrote a blog post about it. Click here to read the story. Thank you to Betty Ross and her daughter, Ilyse, for the story and for visiting us! The Jewish Students Organization – unique to Chapel Haven – falls […]