Capital Campaign Overview


“Through this capital campaign, we must ensure Chapel Haven’s future, so that it can continue to be what it has always been: a place where dreams become reality.” – Chapel Haven President Michael Storz

Now is the time to revitalize our campus.

Despite steady growth over the years, Chapel Haven has reached a critical point in its ability to meet demand for its innovative and result-oriented programs.

Our commitment to provide high-quality programs led by exceptional staff has always taken precedence over our campus and facility needs.   Now the limitations of our facilities are affecting our ability to deliver services.

Classrooms that served us well need to be expanded, residences have outlived their comfort and our campus grounds require revitalization.


Now is the time to fulfill Chapel Haven’s mission of lifelong care. 

Chapel Haven’s mission is to provide life-long services.  As our clients age or have increased support needs, we must be prepared to help them and support them with the same level of care and encouragement that has nurtured their independence.

Now is the time to strengthen our endowment.

Our endowment must continue to grow.  A secure endowment will allow us to remain strong and stable, now and in the years to come.  It will guarantee that we will be here in the future, so that we can continue to support our current and next generation of community members.

Now is the time to focus on employment.

Chapel Haven knows that a key component of independent living is meaningful employment.  Chapel Haven seeks to remedy the high unemployment rates amongst its individuals by creating a replicable, sustainable, national model that will ensure disabled adults have job opportunities.


Chapel Haven will continue to be a pioneer in the education and support of adults with disabilities.  We strive to be the program of choice for families and future Chapel Haven members.

We envision a lifetime of independence in a setting that ensures security, happiness, comfort and well-being for our entire Chapel Haven community.


Now is the time.  The needs are now, and Chapel Haven currently has the momentum and the outstanding leadership to move forward with a capital campaign.  We will continue the excellence of our current programs and create new programs and facilities, enabling us to maintain our leadership position and to continue to serve as a model for the very best standard of quality and care.

Lifelong Enrichment for Our Entire Community, No Matter the Age

Since opening in 1972, our  adults are now aging and without an age in place facility, our very mission of providing life-long care is at stake.  We want to ensure that our adults will always have the support they need irregardless of age, keeping our community intact and providing peace of mind for our men and women as well as their families.


Reimagining the campus will provide updated spaces designed specifically for the population we serve.  The campus redesign focuses on community-building gathering spaces that encourage socialization and personal growth


As a result of long-range strategic planning, Chapel Haven is ensuring its financial future to further strengthen the organization as a whole. Bolstering the endowment now safeguards Chapel Haven’s fiscal sustainability as well as provides scholarships, allowing Chapel Haven to be more accessible to deserving individuals.


Many in the Chapel Haven community are currently looking for engaging employment opportunities.  The unemployment rate for people with Autism is as high as 85%, making this segment of the population a virtually untapped labor force.  Only 20% of people with developmental disabilities are employed compared to 70% of the general population.  Meaningful employment will allow our adults to live more independent lives.

Rendering of Welcome Center


Ultimately, the health, happiness and safety of our deserving adults is the purpose of this campaign.  We want to do everything possible to ensure their right to independent, meaningful lives.


A proposed investment of $60million will allow major facility renovations and updated technology in our spaces for learning, teaching, housing, and administration.  All this will further enhance the efforts of our men and women as they become independent, while at the same time allow them to maintain a connection to resources and providers when it is needed.  Benefits will include the following:

  • We will be able to establish a renewed and vibrant learning environment specifically designed to address the individual needs of our adult community;
  • We will be able to provide residents with comfortable, secure apartments in which to begin their pursuit of independent lives;
  • We will have new spaces dedicated as clinician rooms and meeting areas for on-site delivery of care by independent care providers;
  • Outside, there will be courtyards, gardens, and sitting areas where our adults can relax, enjoy the outdoors, participate in social activities, or just make new friends; and
  • The neighborhood and the entire Chapel Haven community will benefit from the beauty and security of our campus.


Just like our programming, our facilities should meet our needs.

The current residential spaces were never built with the Chapel Haven community in mind.  Our campus redesign offers solutions:

  • We will create fully handicap accessible buildings as opposed to homes that have winding stair cases that are problematic for those with gait issues;
  • We will reduce blind corners on hallways that create anxiety for those with autism;
  • Appliances and heating/cooling systems will be quieter and, therefore, less distracting for those with autism;
  • Construction materials will be durable and long lasting;
  • Abundant windows will let in natural light and there will be outdoor common spaces that are essential for physical and mental well-being;
  • Spaces will have natural flow and visual cues that could help community members distinguish appropriate social etiquette in differing spaces;
  • Current Chapel Haven buildings were acquired with no overall campus layout plan. Homes, classrooms, and offices will finally be together, encouraging the community’s ability to connect.
  • Safety and security, such as security cameras at doors, will be installed.


Rendering of new REACH student lounge

Our campus plan is the result of strategic planning and partnerships. Our goals include:

  • Establishing a vibrant learning environment that is specifically designed to address member’s needs throughout the entire lifespan;
  • Implementing technology to deliver specialized education effectively and efficiently;
  • Designating more space for apartments, offices, and classrooms;
  • Providing increased parking and campus security as we continue to expand our facilities;
  • Increasing comfort and security;
  • Adding courtyards and gardens;
  • Creating new spaces for dedicated clinician rooms;
  • Allowing our residents to age in place;
  • Elevating Chapel Haven as the provider of choice for prospective families.


The campus redesign includes buildings for:

  • Life-Long Community for Enrichment
  • Community Life Programs
  • Residential Education at Chapel Haven (REACH)
  • Residential Education at Chapel Haven (REACH) Bridge
  • Schleifer Adult Independent Living (SAIL)
  • Asperger Syndrome Adult Transition (ASAT)
  • Asperger Syndrome Adult Transition (ASAT) Bridge
  • Gymnasium
  • Campus Hub


Rendering of typical classroom in new REACH campus

The campus hub will serve as a meeting place for Chapel Haven adults.  There will be social spaces, as well as quiet nooks, which will allow individuals to feel a part of a bustling epi-center even when they prefer to have their own space.  The campus hub will serve as an information center, encouraging individuals to meet up with friends before heading off for activities in the Greater New Haven area.  Art and fitness classes will also be offered, all with the goal of creating a more vibrant community and encouraging socialization.  Chapel Haven values wellness and self-expression through the arts, knowing that these are necessities that heal, rejuvenate, and offer increased quality of life.

Spaces will include a:

  • Library
  • Art Room
  • Kiln Room
  • Computer Lab
  • Fitness Room with Equipment
  • Large Multi-purpose Room
  • Music Practice Room
  • Music Therapy Room


Chapel Haven is moving forward with its campaign with confidence and the campaign has already been enthusiastically embraced by parents, siblings, and friends.  We are moving forward with our capital improvements as soon as possible, focusing on the future of Chapel Haven.


Our goal has always been – and continue to always be – independent living.  We also know that a unique component to maintaining independence has been the Chapel Haven network of friendships that our men and women have formed with each other.

Our new campus creates a more cohesive Chapel Haven, where our men and women have more opportunities to socialize and kindle friendships.  The new layout makes it easier for staff and personnel to communicate with each other, increasing efficiency.

We envision our campus  to be a place that provides the men and women of Chapel Haven with information and encourages them to be a part of the Greater New Haven community.

All of our core programs will be moved to a centralized spot on campus.

With a tear-down/build approach there will be no interruption of services while we transform the campus.

Phase One starts with the new REACH/REACH Bridge Building that will be completed in time for the next incoming class the summer of 2018.

The new Welcome Center which is an extension on the Boswell Building will serve as a community gathering space, collective of leadership offices, and an admissions center.  The first step of a Chapel Haven journey will begin at the Welcome Center.  We look forward to celebrating the opening of this new space with you on Friday, February 2nd .  For more information on the ribbon cutting, call (203) 397-1714, ext. 113.


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