Chapel Haven West – Employment

Chapel Haven believes that living an independent and productive life is only possible if an individual develops competency in skill-based areas.

As mentioned before, vocational training starts in the Education Program with classroom instruction and job sampling surrounding vocational skill building. When the student has successfully mastered the skills required for employment, the team may decide that he or she is ready for employment. First, however, a period is devoted to job assessment, which includes job skill proficiency and the aptitude and desires of the individual, students work with job developers within the vocational department to write resumes and learn interviewing skills.

The entire vocational process is outlined for each student at the start of the Residential Program. Although each program is individualized, taking into account the student’s college goals, for most students the progression is: prevocational courses within the Education Program; job sampling; skill, aptitude, and job preference assessment; job search and employment.