Chapel Haven West Philosophy

Chapel Haven West’s mission, to teach adults with developmental and social disabilities to live independent and productive lives—is just the beginning of the Chapel Haven philosophy, a philosophy that is evident in every aspect of programming and daily living.

We believe in guiding each one of our students toward his/her individual vision for success, and once determined, we support that vision in ways that will make it attainable.

We believe that each person has the right to determine his/her life plan, with the support and guidance of their parents and the Chapel Haven Team, and it is our mission to support that plan in every way we can.

We believe that after learning what are right and wrong choices in many aspects of living, each man and woman has a right to experience the dignity of risk—and we will be there to counsel, advise and support.

We believe that part of independence, part of self-esteem, and part of living a productive life, is making decisions; so we encourage decision making and provide our men and women the tools to make informed decisions that are prudent and fit their visions for success.

And finally, we know that Chapel Haven gives hope to families that their children, brothers and sisters now have the necessary support to take the step toward an independent life, a life that once would not have been possible.