Chapel Haven West – Recreation Program

For 40+ years, Chapel Haven has been proud to offer one of the most comprehensive recreation programs in the country.

We offer hundreds of activities each year to students and supported living clients as well. While in the Residential Program, recreation activities mean far more than just having fun—they foster sociability and the ability to get along with one’s peers. Also emphasized are the time management skills, money management and the responsibility of adhering to a schedule.

recreationcanyonMany different types of activities are offered to appeal to everyone. These include, movies, shopping trips, amusement parks, baseball games, a night out at a restaurant or nightclub, theater, taking a hike in Sabino Canyon, or visiting a museum are just a few of the activities offered. The goal of the Recreation Program is to expose the students to Tucson's rich cultures.

An emphasis is placed on encouraging groups of residents to plan their own activities, when they have earned the privilege of traveling on their own. Often friends go out to dinner together or to a movie, utilizing public transportation and confirming plans on their own.

Chapel Haven also offers overnight, weekend and week-long excursions, including cruises.