Chapel Haven West – Supported Living & Bridge Programs

Two years go by quickly, but once all the benchmarks for graduation have been achieved, the big day arrives—transition to the community and Chapel Haven West’s Supported Living Program.

The Supported Living Program and the Bridge Program:

Students can enter the community in one of two ways—either through the Bridge Program or directly to the Supported Living Program.

For students who still need a little extra support after the two-year Residential Program, there is the Bridge Program. Graduates live in the community, but receive extra support for one year, before their transition to more independent living. They continue to use community resources, get more practice in mobility and money management instruction to give them a more gradual immersion into independent living.

After the Bridge Program, students become part of the Supported Living Program and join other graduates who access just the level of support that they need in the areas of life skills, employment services, education and recreation. While the Residential Program and the Bridge program are tuition-based programs, Supported Living is a fee for service program.

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