Chapel Haven West – Who We Are

Chapel Haven West opened in 2008 in Tucson, AZ and provides residential transition, day and community based supports for adults 18+ with mild developmental disabilities and those on the autism spectrum.

The program is a satellite of Chapel Haven, Inc. founded in 1972 by parents and dedicated to providing lifelong supports for adults with cognitive and social disabilities. Chapel Haven's other two programs are based in New Haven, CT.

Building on the success of nearly 50 years as a leader in the field of teaching and supporting individuals with disabilities, Chapel Haven West serves those on the autism spectrum and those with mild developmental disabilities, teaching them to live independent and productive lives.

Social Communicative Competency is at the heart of all that Chapel Haven West teaches. Along with social communication, Chapel Haven West is expert in teaching Life Skills, Self-Determination, Vocational Readiness, and helping students to succeed in post-secondary education as desired, enhanced by a unique association with the University of Arizona (UA).

The main building of the program contains apartments for the residents, classrooms, a community meeting room and recreation room, plus office space. It is a few blocks from the University - within walking distance - allowing the residents to have access to University facilities, attend college classes, benefit from the University of Arizona's state-of-the-art Disability Resource Center and employment opportunities.

Our linkage also allows University faculty to be a part of the program and for graduate interns to study our unique curriculum.