Danielle Chiaraluce, Executive Director of CareerAbility

Danielle Chiaraluce is Executive Director of Chapel Haven Schleifer Center Inc.’s CareerAbility program. She is a Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP™) and brings a wealth of experience to the post.

Danielle has a dual master’s degree in Management and Business Administration, coupled with 20+ years of workforce development and career training experience. Over the course of her career, she has held positions within life skills programs at organizations such as Sarah Seneca, Vista Vocational Life Skills Center, and Marrakech, Inc. as well as within Job Corps, a United States Department of Labor funded program, as a consultant, corporate director, and in on center director-level positions. Her career in Job Corps began as a Project Coordinator – performing career counseling, admissions, and placement for the hardest to serve young adults – and advanced into leadership roles where Danielle worked as the Director of Career Services at both the New Haven and Hartford Job Corps Centers. Here she gained substantial expertise in academic and career technical training, career transition readiness and placement, and Department of Labor career pathway programs.

Danielle has been a consultant to government contractors of Job Corps and YouthBuild USA programs throughout the country, providing training and corporate level support to their operations of career development, career readiness, and career transition services programs. Danielle has had corporate level oversight of Job Corps such as the Career Technical Training (CTT) program at the Paul Simon Job Corps Academy in Chicago. She has had responsibility of managing vocational training to students, including ensuring students obtain their necessary credentials prior to graduation and assisting in the cultivation of opportunities for placement and work-based learning such as internships and career exploration activities. She routinely performed data integrity audits and labor market research to assess the relevancy of the programs career technical training offerings to the needs of the employer community, including apprenticeships, off center training, placements, and 6- and 12-month follow-up.

Danielle has specialized experience working with youth and adults with disabilities throughout the country, including managing multi-state vocational rehabilitation contracts. Unique to her background is her many years of executive leadership experience of three (3) Connecticut nonprofit organizations: Families United, OIC of New London County, and Sofia Sees Hope. Danielle established the first Youth MOVE chapter in SE-CT, a youth advocacy effort, empowering individuals to become family advocates in their statewide communities, and was the Lead Family Contact for the System of Care in SE-CT where she provided family-driven services to families, children, and youth who had- or were at risk of having- behavioral, emotional, or mental health challenges. In 2012 Danielle was presented with the Karen L. Fleming award by the Connecticut Children’s Trust Fund for her work with children and families to prevent child abuse and neglect and for ensuring the positive growth and development of Connecticut’s children.

Danielle Chiaraluce
Director of CareerAbility
Certified Employment Support Professional (CESP™) Chapel Haven Schleifer Center Inc. 
(203) 397-1714 – ext. 212