REACH Campus Life

Chapel Haven's REACH campus has undergone a major transformation and now boasts:

A new, four-story REACH residential and classroom campus, featuring state-of-the-art apartments, high-tech classrooms and plenty of spaces for socialization and celebration.

Residential students enjoy a classic apartment atmosphere in the new residence. The Residence includes:

  • A first-floor layout that offers high-tech classrooms for engagement learning, gathering spaces for social and meaningful interactions, and quiet private spaces within a safe communal environment
  • Three upper floors are spacious and light-filled apartments, two- and three-bedroom units with shared kitchens and common space, reflective of real-life living situations that nurture the transition to living independently.

The REACH residential program is staffed around the clock, including awake-overnight staffing.

The new project was designed by the S/L/A/M Collaborative. The SLAM team consulted with Chapel Haven adults, parents, staff, autistic spectrum consultants, and similar organizations to incorporate knowledge of our population into specific elements that have strengthened the resulting design, including an outdoor living room space, rounded interior walls, color selection, wayfinding details, staff integration, a training apartment for day students, and state-of-the-art classrooms. The outdoor living room, which features a fountain, landscaping and seating, allows residents and students to socialize or have a moment of private reflection.

In addition, classes are also taught in:

The Bershaw Boswell Community Center

This state-of-the-art building includes:

  • The Computer Classroom, equipped with eleven work stations, a projection screen, and a full-time computer instructor
  • The Media Arts Center for digital photography and multimedia projects
  • The Outreach Center, a large open space with a wide screen TV and DVD player
  • The Chapel Haven Cafe, serving students, staff, community members, and licensed to cater special events
  • The Art Studio, outfitted with a ceramics studio and a kiln
  • The Fitness Center, including cardiovascular and strength training machines, mats, exercise balls, and other portable equipment.  A personal trainer is available for additional fitness services

In addition, REACH students enjoy instruction in community-based settings, including the Mitchell Library a block away; fitness classes that include Walk Westville; vocational internships in area businesses and non-profits; and specialized programming that, beginning in January 2019, will include fitness and other activities at the JCC of Greater New Haven.