REACH Employment

Gainful employment is an important part of an independent lifestyle; therefore employment is woven into REACH and Community programs, offering progressively more challenging opportunities as the individual progresses.

More than 85% of clients are working at 30 agencies and companies in the area, in either supported or competitive employment settings. Chapel Haven’s prime location in an urban location with an extensive public transportation system makes an excellent location for job seekers.

REACH students take part in the EVE Academy (Education and Vocational Employment?) where they go off site with staff to learn about the etiquette of work, get help with resume preparation and receive a comprehensive job orientation. Chapel Haven’s assessment tool, Expectations for Employment, uses 100 variables to measure each individual’s ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ skills that will help determine next steps in seeking employment.



Employment can mean:

The vocational process is outlined for each student at the start of the REACH program and the desire to work and live independently infuses the curriculum.

1 –Competitive employment – where individuals eventually work on their own, with support from a job coach, in either paid of volunteer opportunities. These placements typically involve a gradual reduction in job coaching hours as the student becomes more independent on the job site.

2 – Supported employment – working with other students at a job site with ongoing Chapel Haven supports.

Sampling of Chapel Haven's rotating work internships:

  • Walgreens
  • Westville Landscaping
  • Wilbur Cross High School
  • Fair Haven School

Community Service Exploration:

  • Book Bank
  • Soup Kitchen