REACH Life Skills

It is our proven belief that the only way to teach independence is in a setting that imitates life. Beyond the average dormitory, Chapel Haven is unique in offering an apartment setting that helps individuals negotiate all aspects of independent living.

Over a 24-month period, our 30 students live in fully furnished and equipped apartments on campus, where they benefit from intensive one-to-one attention and life skills instruction. We teach young adults the day-to-day living skills that will be necessary for independent living when they graduate from the two-year residential program and become members of our Supported Living Program.

Chpel Haven clients cooking, cleaning, etc...

Experienced teachers and life skills instructors work hand in hand to blend lessons from the classroom into apartment instruction. Researching recipes on the Internet, price comparisons for laundry soap or orange juice and learning how to manage illness are examples of ways in which we coach our students to be savvy and smart consumers.

Because Chapel Haven is highly individualized, residents progress at their own speed.

Our students learn and practice:

  • household maintenance skills such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, menu planning, and shopping
  • mobility
  • managing finances, including banking and budgeting
  • self-care, including health, medication administration, hygiene, and safety facilitated by the Coordinating Teacher (CT) and the Life Skills Instructor (LSI).
  • Living with Roommates