Suzanne "Sue" Snowden, Work-Based Learning & Training Manager

Suzanne Snowden

Suzanne “Sue” Snowden is a Work-Based Learning & Training Manager. She has worked at the CHSC for 14 years in a variety of positions assisting individuals in the ASAT (Asperger Syndrome Adult Transition) Program as well as supporting a diverse population in the PAVE (Partnership for Achievement through Vocational Experience) Program at our Yale New Haven Hospital vocational site. One of Sue’s favorite times at CHSC was developing and coordinating a garden group working as a team to plan, plant and harvest a vegetables garden at Edgerton community garden. Sue and a group of students worked together to set up a summer vegetable stand in the CHSC courtyard to sell fresh vegetables to staff and community members to enjoy. Sue’s hobbies include gardening, reading and cooking and she enjoys sharing her personal knowledge and experience with the students as they learn life skills and independence.

Suzanne “Sue” Snowden
Work-Based Learning & Training Manager

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