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Chapel Haven is located in the Westville area of New Haven, CT and employs approximately 150 employees who work diligently to fulfill our mission of empowering adults  with developmental and social disabilities to live independent and self-empowered lives. Chapel Haven is nationally accredited by CARF, state-approved by the Connecticut State Department of Education, and licensed by the CT Department of Developmental Services. Along with our founding campus in New Haven, Chapel Haven has a satellite campus called Chapel Haven West, located in Tucson, AZ, and also dedicated to serving adults with excellence.

Chapel Haven has the following open positions. Please use the Apply Now button at the bottom of each listing to submit your application:


Community Advisor, Asperger’s Syndrome Adult Transition Program (ASAT) – Community Outreach Services (COS)

SUPERVISION BY:                            Director, ASAT Program

DAYS/HOURS OF JOB:                   Part Time – 25 hrs./wk (As assigned by Supervisor)


The Community Advisor is responsible for assisting clients (Community Members and APP Clients) as they implement their yearly goals and objectives. S/he provides advocacy, case management, and life skills instruction.  Community Advisors enable clients to achieve and maintain an independent life style in accordance with their capabilities.


Direct Support of Community Members

  • Plan, prepare for and schedule annual reviews.  Assist community member in drafting annual individualized care and goals plan based on annual assessment, reports from other providers, and the community member’s personal goals. Assist client with any changes determined in the annual meeting.
  • Meet with Community Member for the number of hours per week/month as agreed upon with family.  Maintain communication with family, other professionals as determined by annual meeting.
  • Work with Community member to establish and maintain weekly schedule to assure structure in daily living.  Assure that all appointments with Support Coordinator, Physicians, Employers, Therapists etc. are on schedule.
  • Provide transportation of clients as needed, use of own vehicle required.
  • Work with Community Member to ensure the carry over and expansion of independent living skills including, but not limited to the following:
  • Menu planning, shopping list-making, shopping, proper storage, meal preparation and kitchen safety.
  • Financial Management: budgeting, banking (on-line incl.), bill payment, receipt filing
  • Provide guidance on responsible use of money; assist in prioritizing use of personal funds.
  • Home/apartment maintenance skills, home safety.
  • Hygiene of body (and dental) and selection, care, repair of attire.       
  • Supervise/coordinate health maintenance and care with physicians, dentists, therapists and educational programs. Assist clients in maintaining health records to ensure timely check-ups, medication use, immunization updates, routine tests.
  •  Self determination skills – problem solving, goal setting, decision making, etc.
  • Teach interpersonal communication, social and care skills to develop or maintain healthy relationships with family, roommates, friends and colleagues. Assist and/or provide guidance in negotiation skills, settling of disputes.
  • Provide support in all aspects of seeking, securing and maintaining employment.  This may include on site job coaching, communication with employers as needed and other duties as assigned by supervisor.
  • Provide advocacy on community members’ behalf to ensure timely, quality service.
  • Coordinate services from local, state and federal and private agencies, programs and services ensuring that community member receives appropriate services in a timely and respectful manner.
  • Ensure community member understands her/his rights.
  • Co-facilitate educational/support groups.


  • Collect and maintain accurate and timely case records, relief notes and other data as required:  Schedule in SLP Planner; current relief notes, case notes, reports due to DDS, BRS, SSI and other agencies.
  • Attend agency, program and staff development meetings as required.
  • Represent Chapel Haven at community meetings and case review meetings.
  • Other duties as required.

Autism Pilot Program Clients

  • Meet with APP client for the number of hours per week/month as agreed upon and as reflected in the DDS contract.
  • Maintain communication with family, Director of ASAT Program, and other professionals as determined by DDS contract.
  • Complete all paperwork as required by DDS and submit to Supervisor of ASAT Program on a monthly basis.
  • Track and submit all billable hours to Chapel Haven Accounting Department at the end of every month.
  • When working on job development skills, act as liaison between Chapel Haven, DDS, and the business communities as required by DDS contract.
  • Provide assistance with community awareness/access, such as assisting with utilizing public transportation, planning community leisure activities, utilizing local vendors/business, etc.
  • Provide clients assistance with social relationships, such as problem solving, peer counseling, appropriate social skills, etc.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date client file(s).
  • Participate in staff development activities such as in-service trainings ad workshops.
  • Assist and/or provide guidance/training in negotiation skills, problem solving skills, self- determination skills and job development skills.
  • Represent Chapel Haven at community meetings and DDS meetings.
  • Provide substitute coverage for APP clients as needed


Bachelors Degree in relevant field preferred, and two years experience working with adults with autism spectrum disorders.


  • Cultural sensitivity and proven ability to work with diverse populations.
  • Excellent oral and written skill. Computer literacy.
  • Excellent organizational skills.
  • Valid CT driver’s license
  • Knowledge of the greater New Haven area.
  • Ability to stand, sit and walk for periods of time.
  • Must have own vehicle.
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Career Transition Specialist


Supervisor:                                Executive Director

Center for Employment Services and Opportunities (CESO)

Days/Hours:                              Full-Time, Flexible

                                                As assigned by supervisor 


The Career Transition Specialist is responsible for supporting CESO clients in all aspects of career transition readiness, job search skills, job placement issues, job retention, and work-based learning experienced. Responsible for providing placement (employment, work-based learning, supported employment, apprenticeship and post-secondary education enrollment) services. Establishes rapport and relationships with employers, community colleges and other entities to ensure successful placements with good career pathway opportunities for clients. Generates work site task analysis that best match the training capabilities and needs of clients with employers’ requirement. Establishes thorough knowledge of and referrals to community-based services available to assist clients with independent living.


  • Establish and maintain contacts with business and industry; insuring site and job retention; maintain written records of services.
  • Provide job coaching and stabilization support to clients.
  • Identify/establish vocational goals and job interests of the client, as well as, administer/arrange for interest/skill assessments as needed.
  • Maintain effective communication with employers, clients, and key stakeholders.
  • Provide on the job support, job seeking skills, and assistance with transportation arrangements as necessary for the participant to engage in career exploration, work-based learning, or placement.
  • Provide on the job training; assisting with adjustment and transition to the work environment; support and/or educate employers or coworkers with respect to the clients strengths and needs.
  • Provide transportation for program participants during the job development or placement process, or in other circumstances when public transportation cannot be arranged.
  • Represent CESO at seminars/conferences such as trade and human services sponsored training events, stay abreast of education and human services approaches/techniques and labor market trends.
  • Advocate and communicate with other agencies with regard to confidentiality and participant needs.
  • Train job coaches on the employer’s requirements for the client and job coach should long-term supports be required.
  • Assist individuals one-on-one and in small groups to achieve their personal and career development goals. This may include facilitating career preparation classes, job development, job coaching, on-boarding, performing assessments, or working with employers to negotiate job duties that align with the skills and interests of the client and the needs of the employer.
  • In a moderate to fast pace, achieve weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual retention goals as prescribed and in accordance with CESO benchmarks. 
  • Complete progress reports and documentation as required. Document consistently and accurately all client and placement contacts, activities and outcomes. Utilize CESO’s database and tracking systems.
  • Collaborate on the development and enhancement of the Center for Employment Services and Opportunities and in Career Management Team Meetings. 
  • Host or attend business functions and networking opportunities on campus and in the community to develop new contacts and increase community awareness. These events may or may not take place during regular business hours.
  • Performs other job-related duties and responsibilities assigned by supervisor.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Rehabilitation Counseling, Human Services, or related field and/or a minimum of five years’ job development or job coaching experience. Ideal candidates have excellent communication skills, teaching ability, display empathy toward client needs, and balance numerous account relationships.
  • Strong human resource or business experience preferred; experience may be substituted for degree.
  • Knowledge and understanding of adults with developmental disabilities and autism spectrum disorders and the employment challenges and opportunities for this population.
  • Is familiar with customized employment as defined by U.S. Department of Labor/Office of Disability Employment Policy.
  • Ability to effectively balance the needs of two clients: the employer and potential employee (i.e. CESO client) to ensure effectiveness in placements.
  • Ability to review and use labor market research, to analyze data, to prioritize and organize information and tasks related to vocational opportunities.
  • Knowledge of state employer incentives and other incentive programs.
  • Well-organized, detail-oriented and able to multi-task with effective problem solving/decision making abilities. Innovation welcome!
  • Valid CT driver’s license & Use of reliable personal vehicle and proof of insurance required.
  • Computer skills – word, excel, web-based, and database experience preferred.
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Job Coach

DEPARTMENT: Vocational / Center for Employment Services & Opportunities

SUPERVISION BY:Director of Vocational Services

DAYS/HOURS OF JOB:Per diem as assigned by Supervisor


The Job Coach is responsible for providing direct supportive service to clients at Competitive and Supported Employment sites, assisting them in learning specific job tasks, job related attitudes and job site culture. Provides transportation and/or travel training as needed. Identifies and recommends job accommodations.


Direct Service • Clients

  • Teach and model skills needed to perform the job(s).
  • Coach clients on appropriate work attire and grooming.
  • Demonstrate a good work ethic.
  • Identify accommodations needed at job site and notify Chapel Haven Supervisor of recommendations.
  • Accompany clients to job site(s) as needed.
  • Provide transportation and/or travel training as needed. Use of own vehicle required.
  • Help clients establish appropriate relationships with co-workers and employer.
  • Act as liaison with the employer and co-workers to establish on-going work-site supports.
  • Identify and implement appropriate off-site supports.
  • Develop goals and objectives for job placement with client support team.
  • Identify any changes that may require more or less job coaching in coordination with the CH Supervisor/Job Developer.

• Employers

  • Educate employers on inclusion, worksite supports and possible strategies when working with individuals with cognitive disabilities.
  • Regularly meet with employer and update client’s employment information such as job description, job tasks, salary, benefits, Union information (if applicable), and performance reviews.
  • Regularly check in with employer(s) to ensure client is performing the job to the employer’s specifications.

• Chapel Haven Staff – Employment, Residential, Supported Living, and Education

  • Regularly communicate progress and employment issues to client support team.
  • Enlist support from CH Teachers, Case Managers, and Support Coordinators to address issues affecting client’s success at work.
  • Meet with Vocational Services Director and Job Developer on a regular basis to report progress on the job.
  • Identify problems and/or new opportunities client is having and recommend solutions to Vocational Services Directors/Job Developer.
  • Prepare formal reports for support team.


  • Record client’s daily attendance on the job.
  • Document every client contact on monthly progress reports.
  • Complete client monthly progress reports.
  • Document work performed on behalf of the client on monthly progress reports.
  • Complete and turn in Job Coach time sheets each week.
  • Complete incident reports as needed.

Universal Criteria

  • Demonstrates respect for clients.
  • Behaves in an ethical manner per agency policies and procedures.
  • Adheres to agency policies and procedures.
  • Attends required trainings, department and general staff meetings.
  • On time for shift(s).
  • Dresses appropriately as required by worksite employers and Chapel Haven.
  • Provides CH Supervisor proper notification of Job Coach absence and tardiness.
  • Schedule may change as clients’ job requirements may change.
  • Accepts direction from supervisor.
  • Follows all agency and program safety rules. Attends necessary safety trainings.
  • Utilizes creative/flexible approaches to accomplish tasks.
  • Utilizes customer service approach with clients, family members, and other departmental staff.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in relevant field and two years experience working with adults with cognitive disabilities.
  • Demonstrated ability to teach others.
  • Familiarity with or ability to learn about a special needs population.
  • Good computer skills. Knowledge of Microsoft Word and Outlook.
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills.
  • Demonstrated ability to prioritize and work independently.
  • Ability to effectively track cases and teach work skills and attitudes.
  • Valid CT driver’s license and reliable transportation. Use of own vehicle is required.
  • In possession of or able to obtain a Public Service License.
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Certified Special Education Teacher – REACH Program

DEPARTMENT:                  EDUCATION                                                          

SUPERVISION BY:            Director of REACH / BRIDGE

Supervisor of Education and Residential Services

 DAYS/HOURS OF JOB:     40 hrs/week; M - F 8:00 am - 4:00 pm, flexible to accommodate meetings.


The Certified Special Education Teacher will teach functional courses with the aim of helping each student meet the Expectations for Graduation.  As a member of the Interdisciplinary Team, he or she will participate in creating and implementing Individualized Support Plans complete with goals for each resident. 


  • Teach functional academic, life skills, and pre-vocational classes.
  • Create lesson plans for classes that follow the curriculum guidelines set forth by the 
  • Expectations for Graduation.
  • Participate in creation and implementation of Individualized Support Plans for each resident, as a member of the Interdisciplinary Team.
  • Submit progress reports and evaluations to meet Chapel Haven, DMR, Public School Districts, and other agency requirements.
  • Maintain education files for all students on caseload.
  • Attend all required meetings, including but not limited to:  Interdisciplinary Team, departmental, agency staff, Placement and Planning Team.
  • Monitor and implement Individualized Education Plans for all students following them.
  • Administer assessment tests to new residents.
  • Maintain on-going communication with residents’ parents.


  • Provide transportation of residents/students as needed.  Use of own vehicle may be required.


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education or related field.
  • Connecticut Certification in Special Education.
  • Eligibility for/or currently hold Connecticut Certification in Special Education.
  • Eligibility for/or currently hold State DSAP certificate


  • Experience working with people with cognitive disabilities.
  • Experience teaching.


  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
  • Ability to affect and maintain positive working relationships with students, families, staff, and the general public.
  • Knowledge of the PPT/IEP process.
  • Ability and willingness to adapt a flexible schedule as the position requires.
  • Valid Connecticut driver’s license; ability to obtain Public Service License.
  • Ability to obtain State of Connecticut Medication Administration Certification.
  • Ability to stand, sit and walk for periods of time
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Chapel Haven West, Inc., Tucson, AZ

 POSITION TITLE:                          Administrative Assistant

SUPERVISION BY:                        Executive Director / Residential Supervisor

 DAYS/HOURS OF JOB:                 40 hours/week, flexible to meet needs of program



The Administrative Assistant is responsible for the day-to-day operation and clerical duties of the program. The Administrative Assistant will perform a variety of complex administrative tasks associated with day-to-day operations of the program including, but not limited to: transporting students/staff to appointments as needed; picking up prescriptions; maintaining compliance with outside agencies (Tucson Fire, DDD, etc.); participating in emergency procedures/evacuation drill systems; communicating with external service providers, and maintaining the integrity of the Chapel Haven West program. Additional duties may include answering and directing incoming calls, greeting visitors, various clerical duties, assisting administrators with department-specific tasks, assisting with compliance issues, and maintaining the highest standards of the agency. The Administrative Assistant will serve as a liaison between Chapel Haven West (CHW) and the Director of Human Resources and with the Business office (submitting weekly timesheets, PTO/Sick requests, and mileage reimbursements). Additionally, the person in this position will serve the agency during admissions and marketing opportunities and while organizing and preparing for upcoming special events. The Administrative Assistant will facilitate the sharing of CHW information on social media platforms, and will work closely with the VP of Admissions and Marketing to maintain a positive public image for the program. Importantly, the Administrative Assistant will access sensitive and confidential information (staff, student, and family) and will be required to maintain impeccable standards regarding that information.


  • Maintain exceptional ethical, confidentiality, proprietary, and monetary integrity.
  • Facilitate exceptional clarity in all administrative paperwork and information (staff records, stu dent and family records, etc.).
  • Maintain accurate and timely records/data bases as required, including but not limited to updating consents and releases, student and family information, outside service providers, copies, etc.
  • Facilitate maintenance of physician information, student medical information, and family guardianship information.
  • Complete general clerical duties, which may include the following:  filing, copying, facsimiles, bulk mailings, editing and typing reports, general word processing, updating staff roster, phone list, staffing calendars, etc.
  •  Facilitate the coordination of new hire paperwork including enrollment forms for benefits such as medical, dental, life insurance, 403(b), or any other pertinent information relative to new employees in order for processing through Human Resources Department and the Business Office.  Adhere to timelines associated with such benefits.
  • Perform designated pre-employment screening including DDD registry, criminal background, E-Verify, motor vehicle and fingerprint clearance checks. 
  • Process ongoing personnel and payroll changes and revisions to tax forms, insurance forms, address changes, etc. while requesting needed documents from Human Resources Department.
  • Assist with new staff orientation and compliance with federal and state employment laws.
  • Prepare, edit, and analyze data tracking sheets to facilitate student and program advancement.
  • Participate in staff development activities such as in-service trainings and workshops.
  • Drive and transport students as needed, occasional use of own vehicle as required.
  • Facilitate student medical appointments, medication records, medication administration procedures, medication refills, and prescription records in compliance with state and local regulations.
  • Administer medication as needed.
  • Provide emergency substitute coverage for staff as needed.
  • Communicate with outside service providers; share pertinent information with applicable team members.
  • Facilitate (with Resource Coordinator) apartment and office supply inventory processes and redistributing or ordering of new apartment supplies.
  • Facilitate compliance with DDD licensing/regulations and CARF requirements.
  • In conjunction with Executive Director and Residential Program Supervisor, plan and coordinate special events including, but not limited to Prospective Student visits; Open Houses; annual Parent Dinner, and Graduation ceremonies.
  • Exhibit exceptional customer-service skills and facilitate family and student requests as needed.

Complete other assigned duties as required.


  • Bachelor’s Degree preferred; one year experience in related job or services preferred
  • Experience working as an effective and positive member of a team
  • Experience in handling challenging situations; experience in problem solving


  •  Maintain trainings and certifications to ensure staff compliance with DDD and other oversight organizations
  • Ability to create, sort, merge, and analyze data utilizing Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and Microsoft Word
  • Effective judgment and decision-making skills
  • Ability to disseminate information in a clear, concise and effective manner
  • Effective and professional written and oral communication
  • Valid AZ drivers license and registered/insured vehicle; occasional use of own vehicle
  • Strictly maintain client, family, and staff confidentiality
  • Effective computer skills and knowledgeable in using Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Publisher, etc.
  • Exceptional understanding of cultural sensitivity and proven ability to work with diverse populations


  •  Work independently and as a member of a team
  • Able to adapt to flexible nature of the position
  • Maintain and reliably demonstrate positive and professional work attitude
  • Professional appearance and demeanor
  • Excellent communication and observation skills
  • Obtain/maintain in-service requirements as mandated by Chapel Haven West and local/sate/national certification boards


  • Ability to stand, sit or walk for periods of time
  • Ability to lift or move items weighing 5 lbs. or more
  • Ability to climb stairs as needed
  • Ability to bend or crouch
  • Ability to drive a vehicle
  • Ability to operate office equipment


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Residential Life Skills Instructor

Overall Description

Life Skills Instructors are responsible for teaching basic daily living and social skills to clients living in Chapel Haven’s residential facility.


  • Teach clients good nutritional habits and related skills; meal and menu planning, sanitary and safe food storage practices, preparing meals (including following multiple-step recipes and cooking), and safety in the kitchen while learning to utilize kitchen equipment; e.g. stove, broiler and George Foreman Grill
  • Teach apartment maintenance skills, maintaining a clean, neat living environment (use of cleaning products and equipment).
  • Teach personal hygiene and grooming skills, personal functions such as showering, shaving, combing hair, brushing teeth, making appointments for haircuts, manicures, etc.
  • Teach Laundry skills as outlined in laundry task analysis and laundry checklist.
  • Teach problem solving and relationship building skills, instruct residents regarding appropriate social behaviors.
  • Attend small group meetings, meetings with other agency personnel, bi-monthly staff meetings, academic and staff meetings.
  • Complete Case Notes and checklists daily as directed by Supervisor.
  • Participate in staff development activities, including in servicing, inside and out side of Chapel Haven.
  • Maintain medical files as determined by agency nurse.
  • Provide crisis counseling as needed.
  • Administer medication as needed.
  • Provide transportation of residents as needed, use of own vehicle required.
  • Maintain good/effective communication with parents as directed by Supervisor, other professionals (inside and outside of Chapel Haven), community personnel, etc.
  • Other duties as required.


Bachelors Degree in Human Services or related field or 4 more years experience working with individuals who are learning disabled.


Experience working with individuals with learning disabilities or developmental disabilities and some knowledge working with DMR and/or CARF.  


  • Effective judgment, decision-making and communication skills.
  • Ability to follow a schedule.
  • Able to obtain State of Connecticut Medication Administration Certification.
  • Valid CT driver’s license. 
  • Able to obtain Public Service License.
  • Work independently and as a member of a team.
  • Able to adapt to flexible nature of the position.
  • Maintain positive work attitude.
  • Excellent communication and observation skills.
  • Obtain/maintain in-service requirements as mandated by DMR and Chapel Haven.
  • Ability to sit, stand and walk for periods of time.

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Certified Special Education Teacher, ASAT Program


40 hrs/wk as assigned by Director to accommodate program needs;  Flexible schedule to include days, evenings, weekends

Overall Description:

The Certified Special Education teacher is responsible for the overall coordination and teaching of the social communicative competence curriculum for all LEA placements.  He/she will also coordinate and facilitate the general activity schedule for all program participants in the Asperger’s Syndrome Adult Transition Program.  Additional responsibilities include, teaching adaptive life skills and social competence, coordinating medical appointments, medication administration, data collection, report writing and facilitating team meetings. This position will also provide crisis counseling to students when needed.


  • Ensure all individual plans are being implemented as require by the IEP.
  • Complete all required paperwork/reports as indicated by the IEP.
  • Communication with parents and school districts.
  • Direct teaching and modeling all aspects of the curriculum such as cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, meal planning, laundry, money management, personal hygiene, and grooming following the Social Communicative Competency (SCC) curriculum.
  • In conjunction with Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP), use the Level System Criteria to develop goals and objectives in order to create lessons/classes tying it into the 2 Year Curriculum.
  • Plan and develop IEP Matrix.
  • Coordinate and facilitate appropriate social interactions among students.
  • Participate in social skill groups with students.
  • In conjunction with SLP, oversee the Assessment for Social Competence and Adaptive Life Skills for each student.
  • Manage day-to-day implementation of the SCC with students that includes behavioral and anxiety management strategies.
  • Meet with SLP for a minimum of one time per month to collaborate on generalization of SCC skills and goals and objectives.
  • Provide emergency substitute coverage for staff as needed, including weekdays, weekends and overnights.
  • Adherence to weekly and daily activity schedules to meet the needs of the program.
  • Ability to appropriately model and implement teaching techniques specific to the curriculum.
  • Appropriately implement of all curriculum domains.
  • Responsible to ensure the use of appropriate curriculum materials.
  • Assisting to design and implement student schedules, to include employment opportunities and academic institutions.
  • Responsible for ensuring academic and employment success in the area of social communicative competence.
  • Direct teaching of Job Preparation skills based on job analysis from Job Developer and manage follow-up job generalization based on feedback from Job Developer and employer.
  • Meet with Job Developer for a minimum of one time per month to collaborate on generalization of skills and vocational goals and objectives.
  • Meet with Program Staff as needed for consulting and creating generalization plans/plans of action to address specific goals and objectives.
  • Provide one-on-one and/or small group curriculum based instruction as assigned or as needed.
  • Responsible for the development and implementation of student goals based on assessments.
  • Responsible to ensure accurate data collection relating to each participants performance on individual programs and IEP goals.
  • Responsible for the ongoing assessment of all curriculum domains.
  • Provide students with assistance in social relationships, such as problem solving, peer counseling, appropriate social skills, etc.
  • Provide assistance with community awareness/access, such as assisting with utilizing public transportation, planning community leisure activities, utilizing local business/vendors, etc.
  • Provide crisis counseling as needed.
  • Administer medication as needed.
  • Attend and facilitate student meetings, including 45-day review, annual and semi-annual team, IEP meetings, etc. as required.
  • Attend staff meetings as required.
  • Drive and transport students as needed, use own vehicle as required.
  • Maintain good/effective, consistent communication with parents, other professionals (inside and outside of Chapel Haven), community personnel, etc.
  • Coordinate with program staff to maintain department coverage at all times.
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date student files.
  • Participate in on-call rotations as needed.
  • Participate in staff development activities such as in-service trainings and workshops.
  • Participate on various committees as assigned by supervisor.
  • Attend agency meetings and functions.


  • Certified Special Education Teacher or eligible for DSAP certification.


  • Experience working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders or related developmental disabilities.  Experience implementing applied behavioral analysis techniques.
  • Experience developing and writing individual support plans, individual goals and reports.
  • Experience in handling crisis situations.


  • Effective judgment and decision-making skills
  • Effective in written and oral communication
  • Able to obtain State of Connecticut Medication Administration certification
  • Valid Connecticut driver's license. 
  • Able to obtain and maintain Public Service License.
  • Able to walk, stand, sit, climb stairs, bend for periods of time.


  • Work independently and as a member of a team.
  • Able to adapt to flexible nature of the position.
  • Maintain positive work attitude.
  • Excellent communication and observation skills.
  • Obtain/maintain in-service requirements as mandated by Chapel Haven and the Advisory Board.

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Recreation Aide - Per Diem

Time: Hours vary depending on activities

Location: New Haven, CT

Description: Recreation Aides are primarily responsible for implementing safe and enjoyable in-house and off ground recreational activities.


  • Arrive at Chapel Haven thirty minutes before the activity begins.
  • Follow directions provided by the Recreation Supervisor.
  • Drive groups to various activities and events throughout Connecticut and neighboring states, and oversee in-house activities.
  • Participate in the activities with clients.
  • Complete week visitor evaluation forms.
  • Teach clients leisure skills and provide immediate and supportive feedback to those who exemplify or fail to demonstrate appropriate skills and standards of behavior.
  • Provide a variety of optional activities that clients can join.
  • Complete activity evaluations providing feedback related to organizational issues of the activity and client behavior.
  • Drive clients home after each activity in the evening.  Use of own vehicle may be required.
  • Attend periodic department meetings.
  • Provide time at the end of each evening for clients to clean the recreation center.


  • High School diploma


  • Experience working with special needs populations.


  • Valid CT driver’s license
  • Public Service License to drive a fifteen-passenger van.
  • Problem solving ability, independent worker, effective judgment, decision-making skills.
  • Tact and patience
  • Ability to walk, sit, stand and drive for periods of time


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