REACH Supported Living Program

Chapel Haven's Supported Living Program (SLP) assists individuals graduating from the REACH Program as they establish residency in the greater New Haven community.

Each new member of the community meets with her or his supporting team comprised of Chapel Haven staff, professionals and family to create a plan to reach her or his short and long-term goals.

The SLP also accepts individuals (Community Members) moving to New Haven or residing in New Haven who have mastered skills to live independently with limited professional support. The Employment Program, Continuing Education Department and Recreational Programs often work with Supported Living members to provide a broad and holistic service plan tailored to individual needs.

All Supported Living Community Members receive 24-hour emergency assistance and can participate in the Spare Key Program.

The Support Coordinator

Each individual is assigned a Support Coordinator, who provides ongoing life skills instruction, case management and advocacy.

A Holistic Approach

The Supported Living Program takes a holistic approach to the individual by carefully monitoring financial, housing, employment, relationship, and health needs on a one-to-one basis. We also promote self-determination which not only places the served individual at the center of a plan but as the driver of her or his service plan. Community Members, with the assistance of their Support Coordinator, plan their Annual Review meetings and invite their parents and peers, with staff input to enhance their goals and progress.

Relationships And Community Involvement

The Support Coordinator acts as a guide, helping individuals lead full and productive lives. Our priorities are employment, healthy relationships, a network of friends and family, and options for exploring interests and hobbies.

Health And Wellness

The Support Coordinator monitors clients’ medical, nutritional, and fitness needs. We provide assistance with shopping and meal planning, exercise programs, and linkages with pharmacies, physicians, and nutritionists.

Benefits Coordination

Chapel Haven also offers a service which helps clients and their families understand and apply for second and third-party funding that may be due to them through state or federal resources.

The Benefits Coordinator explores sources such as Social Security Disability Income, Supplemental Security Income, Medicare, and others as applicable. Application, follow-up, and monitoring income compliance can also be part of the service, which is accessible for a nominal fee.

Finance And Coordination

The Support Coordinator assists with budgets and banking skills. The Benefits Coordinator provides specific assistance with entitlements including Social Security Disability and Connecticut State DSS assistance.

Home Services

The Resource Assistant helps find housing and roommates, oversees superintendent/landlord relations, and assists those who own condominiums find contractors or other service professionals. The Resource Assistant helps evaluate and determine appropriate costs associated with contracted services.

The Support Coordinator works with individuals in their homes to master and maintain cleaning skills, personal grooming skills and to find other professional caregivers such as private cleaning services, homemaker/health aide providers and physicians.

Mentor Program

The Mentor Program has matched individuals who have lived in the community for over 5 years with students in their second year of the REACH Program. The Mentor Program assists the second year residents with their transition from resident to community member.

The Office Of Volunteerism

Operated by Community Members, the office of volunteerism assists those individuals seeking volunteer opportunities within the New Haven community. The volunteers also participate in local fundraisers for charities such as the Diabetes and MS Walk-a-thons and the Book Bank.

The Transition From The Residential Program To Supported Living

Most REACH Students remain in New Haven after graduation. Therefore, Supported Living staff work closely with REACH staff to ensure that graduating students receive careful attention during the transition into the community.