For over 45yrs, Chapel Haven has positioned itself as a pioneer in serving adults with disabilities.

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4 hours ago

Chapel Haven

Specials for 8/16/18 are as follows

Try our Greek Yogurt or Cottage Cheese plate with fresh Strawberries or Mango.

Smoothies for this week include: Strawberry, Banana, Blackberry, Blueberry, Mango - Available during Breakfast & Lunch - See attached menu for prices

Whole Fruit – Granny Smith Apples $1.50

Soup – Lentil Soup 8oz. Cup $3.00 16oz. Bowl $5.00

Lunch Special – Meatless Mexican Lasagna (Beans, Vegetables, Corn Tortillas, Cheddar Cheese & Mild Mexican Spices) served with Fiesta Rice $6.50

Dinner – Baked Salmon served with couscous and green beans $10.00

As always, thank you for supporting the café
Happy Thursday!
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4 hours ago

Chapel Haven

Autism awareness is a breeze! It's not too late to join us at Autism Awareness Day, next Weds at Connecticut Open and claim your free fan! Chapel Haven is partnered with ASD Fitness Center and Clifford Beers Clinic and will offer a full day of cool (read, air conditioned) fun activities, adaptive tennis with Jerry Weil and top notch tennis. Plus, we have free tickets to the event - click here for more info! ... See MoreSee Less

Chapel Haven Offers 3 Core Programs + Post Graduation

Welcome to the Chapel Haven Community! Here, you’ll learn about our diverse programs, the specific paths that are available to students from on-boarding and curriculum, right through to independent living and a lifetime of support.

Residential Education at Chapel Haven @ New Haven, Connecticut

Residential transition program with continuing lifelong supports for adults with developmental disabilities including autism spectrum disorders, Down Syndrome and intellectual disabilities. Focus is on functional academics, life skills practice in a supported apartment setting, vibrant social recreation activities and vocational readiness. Learn More >  

Asperger Syndrome Adult Transition Program @ New Haven, Connecticut

Residential transition program for adults with Asperger Syndrome & related social disabilities; targets social communicative competency, life skills in a supported apartment setting, self determination & supports for college and vocations. The focus is to assist adults in developing independent social competencies across all settings. Learn More >

Chapel Haven West Residential Transition Program @ Tuscon, Arizona

Residential transition program serving adults with autism spectrum disorders and related social disabilities. Focus is on social communicative competency, taught at the University of Arizona in a credit-bearing curriculum, life skills in a supported apartment setting, self determination and supports for college and vocations. Learn More >  

After graduation, join our community!

 Transitioning your student into the real world: After graduation, join our community. Chapel Haven is not simply a school or independent living program. We are a large and vibrant adult community offering supports for a lifetime for those who choose that route. Eighty-five percent of the families who choose Chapel Haven for a beginning away-from-home residential experience stay on after graduation and joined our Supported Living Community!

All three of our core residential programs (REACH, ASAT and Chapel Haven West) offer continuing supports after an individual has completed the residential program. We are experts at helping our adults settle into an apartment, often with other Chapel Haven graduates, find jobs, enjoy continuing social/recreation on the weekend and receive targeted life skills supports to continue with the journey to independence. In addition, Chapel Haven is available to adults outside our community who have some experience with independent living and are seeking a vibrant adult community to join, whether for day programming, enrichment classes, social recreation on the weekend or help with independent living.