CHSC Core Values

Chapel Haven’s mission statement communicates our steadfast beliefs:

“Chapel Haven provides lifelong individualized services for people with developmental and social disabilities, empowering them to live independent and self-determined lives.”


Our vision is to foster the excellence and accessibility of our services until every person with varying abilities lives with equality, dignity and independence.

The following values are the foundation of Chapel Haven and will guide our actions.


Dynamic Diversity

We strive to continually create an inclusive community that is equally accessible to all.

  • We seek out staff & students who have varying experiences and abilities and honor these differences – all are welcomed, supported and encouraged to live up to their full potential. We recognize that individuals begin their journeys at different starting points and are committed to meet each person where they are and collaborate to provide individualized opportunities.
  • We strive to create an inclusive community that is equally accessible to all and to remove systemic barriers to inclusion for historically marginalized groups. We recognize the contributions of diverse experiences and work backgrounds in the selection process.
    • Behaviors:
      • We offer scholarships with the goal of making our services more accessible to under-served populations.
      • We accept different forms of experience and qualifications to reach a more expansive pool of candidates.
      • We practice a wide range of recruiting efforts. We explore various opportunities to engage and network with local colleges and universities.
      • We offer professional development that educates our staff on diversity, inclusion, and cultural competency.
      • We develop programs to educate and inform our students about diverse cultures and backgrounds.
      • We encourage all staff and students to bring their ideas, experiences, and interests to the table to contribute, by inviting all stakeholders to committee meetings.
      • We invite all staff to contribute and participate in the diversity council initiatives.

Caring Collaboration

Together, we work hard compassionately.

  • We support working within and across programs to respect each person’s abilities and journeys in order to achieve this outcome.
  • We recognize that each person plays a vital role in sustaining the work we do and that we must work together holistically in order to achieve our best.
  • We work to support an appropriate work/life balance to ensure each person is cared for and to promote the mental and physical well-being of each person.
  • We believe in empowering our adults to live independent and self-determined lives. We believe self-advocacy supports the growth of our individuals and collaborate with them to create services that foster independence.
    • Behaviors:
      • We collaborate across departments to create the best plans for the individuals we serve, for example by holding interdepartmental team meetings and contributing to a student’s week visit evaluation.
      • We ask each direct care staff for input related to student programming.
      • We ask for and gain input from others to assist with problem solving and team collaboration.
      • Each individual we serve participates and has a key role in their individual planning meetings.
      • Each individual we serve are asked to contribute to their support plan and goal setting.
      • We provide opportunities for wellness and social relationships for our individuals.
      • We encourage each staff members to use their paid time off. We provide three paid holidays.
      • We have an Employee Assistant Program (EAP).
      • We offer flexible work arrangements for staff members, including hours that work around their life.
      • We recognize the contributions staff members give towards an individual’s programming. We give credit where credit is due.

Individual Integrity

We consistently do the right thing regardless of who is watching.

  • We respect the confidentiality of each individual.
  • We hold one another accountable through caring but direct conversations.
  • We hold ourselves accountable to find solutions and alignment to our mission and purpose statement.
  • We create a culture that is safe for people to make mistakes and learn from them.
    • Behaviors:
      • We discuss confidential information about individuals behind closed doors with only those who need to know.
      • We ask an individual’s permission before disclosing personal information about him or her.
      • We will ask for help if we cannot meet our deadlines.
      • We recognize mistakes will happen and will be transparent when we make them. We forgive others for their mistakes.
      • If we see something that can be done better, we will take the initiative to brainstorm solutions to present and make a change that is needed.
      • We stay informed of current best practices in the field by participating in professional development, reading updated information, and collaborating with agencies and consultants in the field.
      • When we have a problem with someone, we have a direct conversation with them instead of discussing it behind their back.
      • We will follow the proper documentation requirements and commit to providing accurate information.
      • We will allocate time in staff schedules to complete the proper documentation.
      • We will respond to emails in an appropriate timeframe, typically within 48 hours.
      • We value follow-through. If you say you are going to do something, do it.

Community Connection

We build connections within the Chapel Haven campus and beyond.

  • Building a community within Chapel Haven – we are all working towards individualized paths with a common goal of INDEPENDENCE.
  • We are a community that is also in partnership with the Westville community. We rely on this community to help nurture and teach independence in our adults.  We also seek to be good partners by being in service to the Westville community.
  • We are transdisciplinary in our experiences and are committed to ongoing education and development. We are all members of one family working toward one vision.
    • Transdisciplinary – integration of different disciplines in a harmonious manner to construct new knowledge and uplift the learner to higher domains of cognitive abilities and sustained knowledge and skills.
    • Behaviors:
      • We take time to get to know each other outside of our professional role, asking about their interests and personal life.
      • We seek input from stakeholders in the lives of individuals we serve including their families, medical professionals, community connections, etc.
      • We seek out and collaborate with agencies and businesses in the community to collaborate with our service delivery, including employment, volunteering and daily living needs.
      • We send newsletters to keep our stakeholders informed.
      • We survey prospective families and employers for their input on our service delivery.
      • When we receive feedback from members of the local community, we respond thoughtfully and appropriately.
      • We offer opportunities for the community to learn more about us, through our website, social media, newsletter, workshops, and open houses.
      • We search for opportunities to get involved in and serve the local community.
      • We offer parents opportunities to get involved with Chapel Haven initiatives through CHFA.
      • We offer workshops throughout the year for families about topics related to disability services.

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