Deborah Elliott Shares Her Memories

Judy Lefkowitz Where are they now?

Deborah Elliott has been with Chapel Haven since September 1988- she has been a Support Coordinator the entire time she has been working here.

“My earliest memory is being interviewed by Cheryl Lincoln and Ron Berkowitz. My first client lived on Springside Avenue. The only building was the building at 1040 with offices in the building across the street on Whalley.”

We asked Deborah what was special to her about Chapel Haven. She answered, “The individuals I work with and for are ultimately the most special part of Chapel Haven. They are the most amazing people I know. The different levels of obstacles they have to overcome on a daily basis is a credit to who they are. Each and every one is totally inspirational.

“The Chapel Haven staff is phenomenal! I don’t believe you will ever find a more dedicated group of people. Their knowledge and skill sets are outstanding. They go above and beyond. They are always there for the Chapel Haven members as well as one another.

“I also love the evolution of Chapel Haven from when I started working here in 1989 to the present. Mike has put his vision into a reality with the most amazingly beautiful campus and programs!”

Asked for a memory that especially resonates, she said, “One of the funniest conversations I ever had with an individual was with P. L. We were trying to find her doctor’s office….. way before GPS traveling. And she pretty much stated the situation was like the ‘blind leading the blind.’ It was too funny! P.S., we did make it to the appointment on time. Lol!”

Debbie also shared a sadder memory – “having to speak at memorial services for individuals who have passed away. Too sad.”

Debbie, we thank you for your years of dedicated service! Chapel Haven Schleifer Center is lucky to have you!

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